Friday, October 25, 2013


Hello and Happy Friday!! It's been feeling like fall/winter here, look what we woke up to yesterday!! Sam was so excited, a WHITE slushy mess of snow and rain mix. He knows the snow will come now after seeing this peek of it. Look at those amazing clouds, WOW, do I LOOOOVE clouds! Sorry the picture is dark, was very early in the morning and I kinda like the darkness of it for this kind of picture too. Today the sky is blue and the clouds are white and fluffy with a peek of sunshine trying to come thru. Every day is a new day and it starts with the sky, love how it's never the same.
here's the peek at the whole backyard. Cold, dark and peeks of white!!
Today I'm joining in with OBW and their word prompt for this week...LOVE
This word means so many things to me, it is what I want everyone in the world to do more of and to show it, grow up with it and fill their hearts with it. I think we all know the LOVE I have for my family, sometimes maybe too much love if that's even possible ( no it's not). I was thinking of this word all week, I love so much and look for love in everything and everybody. I didn't want to share about just the love I have for my family and friends, that is a given and I couldn't find just one picture that said LOVE to me. The feeling/idea I kept coming back to was my OLW for this year, STORY!
Here it is in my first art journal page for this year. Along with that word is PEACE, what I want even more then LOVE is PEACE in this world. I find peace thru the little things I do each day. What brings me the most peace is telling our STORY, my story, their story, any story. This little word is my whole life, everyday, every moment, every week, no story is too big or too small. I tell them all and I do it with what I also LOOOOVE beyond words and still get excited about even all these years later. Can you guess what it is!!??? Some of you use this too, the easiest way to tell your family story.
Did you guess PROJECT LIFE??!!! If you did you are correct and know me so well!! This little white box is the best gift I could ever ask for, all I want for Christmas every year. What gets used more in my day then any other supply. I LOOOOVE telling our family story with this easy, fun, colorful way of putting it all together nice and neat into one album. That's it, just pictures and journaling, telling our story each week at a time. After years of struggling with getting layouts done and trying to stay caught up with all the kids/family albums I now have a peace knowing my family story is here in each album I've completed.
The other best best best part of this PL, is the online friends I've made thru the years. I would never have a friend from across the world or the ocean that inspire me and bring me joy daily. Thanks to Becky Higgins and team coming up with this amazing album. So this ladies is what I LOVE!!
Here is my pages from last week. See how many stories I can tell in just one little week. I love that my grandma is in here, that awesome Summer girl of mine takes pictures from her ipod and sends them to me. See that gorgeous sunrise in the bottom on the left, Summer took it from the bus because she knew I would love it. See that leaf on the bottom right side, that one is from my mom, she saw it thought of me and sent me this picture. I sit down each Sunday to make my pages and am blessed each time, this is what I love being their mom and telling their story. It never gets old!!
here is the rest of last week, lots of stories and cute pictures I had to include.
So without a doubt telling our STORY and having PL is what I LOOOVE aside from family and friends and such things. This PL helps me to show them how much I love them.
This picture is for mandy by the sea, her sisterly love picture reminded me of this one. My oldest Kristin came home from Florida without telling us and just walked in. Thankfully I have my camera beside me at all times and got this picture. The girls were sooo excited to see her and sooo SHOCKED!! She loves doing this to us and has done it several times. I love seeing how happy Kristin is to see them excited and surprising them. Now that she is home we don't get to miss her quite like this but the memory will always be there. Thanks Mandy for this reminder.
Thank you beautiful ladies for letting us link up from all over the world to share beautiful pictures together. To see more LOVE posts visit OBW .


  1. What a fabulous post Dawn-Your early morning photographs are beautiful-and that lovely dusting of snow -so pretty :) and how happy do your girls look-a true picture of LOVE.
    I don't think i am going to make it in time this week with my OBW piccies-just not enough hours in the day ;(
    Hugs,Nessa xxx

  2. Ahhh your post is full of Love!!!! And look at all those gorgeous pl pages!! Thanks for sharing it with us at our beautiful world!

  3. All very good pics and thoughts. Keep at it it. :-)

  4. I love your photos ... and once again a lovely post ... Can't say I am looking forward to our cold winter just yet though! Have a lovely week ... Thanks so much for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!

  5. Oh my, this just touches my heart Dawn!!! Yes I'm still mandy by the sea...cos that's where I live... by the sea! Ooooh and what parallels we live. Both Hannah and Paige have a big sister who is older, she lives in the UK... And the pic you have could have been my girls when she comes home. WOW.
    Oh and I researched mandalas and realised they were those intricate patterns we used to colour in when we were children! I LOVEd them and would spend hours and hours colouring! No wonder I was drawn to that pic of yours... must have sparked something!

    Anyway, your photo is just SUPER delightful! Its a perfect memory captured... and your journal pages are fabulous too!

  6. WOWW!!. Finally Sam's wish came true!. I'm so excited to see all the whites and such lovely photo, I can feel the quietness and the cold from walking out there to capture the house!. Wonderful shot. LOVE that Summer & grandma also contribute to the PL, they took great photos too!.
    Stay warm, do more arts indoor while enjoying the snowy weather. Thank you for sharing things, stories & people you love with us at Our Beautiful World!. HUGS.

  7. This is a heart-warming post, Dawn. So glad that Sam got his wish, but snow is not something I am looking forward to. Glad it was you, not me, because our snow fell last week, but didn't stick.

    I love the pictures of the girls and how surprised and happy they were. That really DOES speak of love. I'm sure all the participants at Our Beautiful World were equally thrilled, as was I, to see this post.

    You asked if I had anything planned for November AEDM. I never plan anything. I just go into my studio and do whatever needs to be done. Last year, I started the month with no theme, but after a few days, I did a play on the words to "Turn, Turn, Turn" sung by the Byrds. Of course, it is also a Bible verse, too. I suggest you go to my left sidebar and look under "Elizabeth's Blog Dates Back to 2005,"then go to November, 2012. That might give you some insight, although it was in the middle of that month when I downloaded something that prevented me from seeing links to other bloggers, including links I created on my OWN blog. It took until February or March for my computer guru friend Scott, to determine what the problem was, and correct it. However, I hope this gives you some insight as to what I might do this year.