Tuesday, October 22, 2013

T Stands for Tuesday and Thankfull

Hello and Happy Tuesday!! It's time for us to head over to Elizabeth's  for some tea and sharing. Today I'm sharing some fall fun things from this week. First up is this sweet picture of my grandma, the same one I've mentioned here before. My sister and I had to take care of her last Tuesday and it was such a great day with her. We were both worried how she'd react to us being with her, we've never taken care of her for a whole day before. I was so happy that it went well for the whole day, it was a true blessing how grandma did with us both. She even sat at my house for almost 3 hours and walked Lucky with me, then I had her draw some leaves for me using my stencil in the picture above.
I did the cutting out while she drew them. This is for my thankful project I do in November, I call them Thankful Leaves. I'm sharing this with you today in hopes any of you would like to join me in doing this too. I fill a jar up with these leaves and each night after dinner or anytime good for you we take out a leaf and write what were thankful for that day. You can even do more then one if you want, the kids usually start off really strong in the beginning and slowly taper off my mid November.
We have a door in the kitchen we tape them up on, here is the first day from last year's. It's so funny to go back and read them the next year. I save them in a Ziploc bag and tape it to the back of our Project Life album for that year. I like this quick easy way for the kids to remember and think about even the small things that they should be grateful for. I let them write whatever they want and try to keep this fun and a family project. Rich thankfully does this each year and enjoys it too. By the end of the month our door is half filled with leaves and just makes me happy seeing this everyday. Would anyone like to join me this year, it doesn't matter if you are married, have kids, I will be doing this long after the kids are gone. I'm thankful everyday for so much but it doesn't get written down, this one month of writing it down is one of my favorite things to do. Let me know in the comments what you think or if you have any questions about it. I will be posting our leaves during the month too.
Last Friday the kids had no school and it was a babysitting day. This isn't the best picture, not sure why Sienna looks like that, haha and Colt is covering his ears because of the train going by. It was a good day to head out and see if there was some leaves in the village to play in. There wasn't much.
We had one tree that had a lot of color and not much leaves yet on the ground
Sam loves riding his bike here while we do the walking
I love getting shoe shots, here the girls feet are freezing, uumm wonder why?? Want to remember Colt pulling up his shirt during this and showing his belly,uuumm not sure why but we were laughing. I think this is my first shoe photo with my kids and the little ones, love this!
Of course a cold treat after that long walk was needed. Look at Colt's face, he is so cute!! We love watching him his cone, does soooo good and again he was the first one done. I'm counting the ice cream as my beverage today, it's the best I could do with these type of pictures.
Are you ready for a couple more, Renee had homecoming this weekend and I just have to share these.
We had to take these early before it got to dark. She was freezing and trying not to show it.
I loved her dress this year, fitted her so well. Lucky for us it was the first dress she tried on and we both knew it was the one. Thanks big sister for doing her hair and make up. The dance was lots of fun and her feet were hurting her 4 hours later when I picked her up. She is growing up way to fast. Sigh.
Thanks for joining me today and sorry if the post was too long but had to get all these stories told. Remember to let me know about joining me with thankful leaves or any thankful ideas you are doing, would love to hear about them too. Have a wonderful Tuesday and thanks Elizabeth for letting us join you each week. Also, BIG THANKS for the sweet comments on my Mandala post below.


  1. Hi Dawn - love your leaf idea - sounds like a great way to celebrate the little things and now the added bonus of leaves drawn by grandma/great grandma to continue thorugh the coming years!! The dress really is lovely - suits your girl perfectly - so glad she had a great time.. Happy T day - Mxx

  2. That sounds like a fun project. I might join in a few days, but I'll be very busy in November with posting every day. It takes a big commitment. And to think I used to post daily. Now I say too much at one time (grin).

    Your cold treat is perfect for T day. And it's so fun to see the kids, as well as your dear grandmother, too. BTW, when I first saw that photo of Renee, I thought she looks like she's freezing. Then I saw what you wrote. The second photo was much more natural looking.

    Happy T to you this chilly October morning.

  3. What a great thankful idea!! Want to start GDs doing that. Love your daughter's dress and glad to hear she had a good time..... yes, the grow up way to fast.
    Happy T-day

  4. Beautiful girl and dress! Thankful leaves are a great idea.
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. What an adorable fall leaf project! love that idea, and that you were able to get grandma involved too. that photo will be a great addition to your project life book. Cherish the times with her...I helped care for my grandma too. it was a challenge, but she would do things for me that she wouldn't do for my mom. advantages of being the oldest grandchild maybe. Gorgeous homecoming outfit and beautiful daughter--I felt cold looking at the photo, though! =)

  6. So much to be grateful for and what a sweet time you had with your grandmother...such a gift!
    Your daughter looks so lovely ... Enjoy ♥ Enjoy ... kids do have a way of growing up so fast!
    Happy T Day to you dear Dawn

  7. Aw Fantastic pictures and a very lovely family!!
    ((Lyn)) happy T day

  8. Happy Tea Day! Looks like everyone enjoyed the day.

  9. Love the leaf idea and that you put your grandma to work, LOL
    Your daughter looks beautiful and that dress! wow
    Happy T to you~

  10. Glad you had a great time with Grandma, and your daughter look sweet and beautiful.

  11. Aww...your grandma is so sweet to spend time making art with you :). My grandma never did so, but I loved spending time cooking with her growing up. Cherish this moment!. Renee is beautiful, love her dress, perfect color for her. Seem like you are keeping your hands full with fun activities in the next few weeks, yup soon all the leaves are enough to make into a tree of gratitude :). Currently, I'm loving taking care of my little herb garden, I've been germinating some tomato seeds, growing some curry leaf plants and bravely, the Bird of Paradise plants. Wish me luck!.
    Heee heee ... Colt is so cheeky and Sienna day dreaming, I love to see kids being kids!. I hope you're having fun with Halloween this weekend, and not to cold to go out trick-or-treating. Have fun!!. HUGS.

  12. Aww love pic of grandma, yes I'm sad abt it too and how little memories I have nowadays with her. Renee looked pretty in dress. Glad she had fun.