Thursday, October 31, 2013


HELLO to my favorite month of all
HELLO to making thankful leaves all month
HELLO to another month of FALL
HELLO to Sam turning 12 in ten days
HELLO to maybe some snow this month
HELLO to Renee getting her braces off,YAY!
HELLO to turkey and pumpkin pie
HELLO to Black Friday shopping with the girls
HELLO to getting ready for Christmas
HELLO to Kristin being home for Thanksgiving
HELLO to filling up my blessing/prayer book
HELLO to 30 days of posting with AEDM
HELLO to homemade Christmas decorations
HELLO to my new art class...LOVE
HELLO to leftover turkey sandwiches
HELLO to being so very THANKFUL
HELLO to November oh how I love you!
I am so exited to be joining in with Art Everyday Month for the first time. Follow along with me everyday this month while I share my thankful leaves ( see above) and some art work in my new tiny blessing/prayer journal, also a picture of what I'm thankful for each day and will go into my Project Life album each week. So really it's going to be a month full of fun and thankfulness, with other things along the way I'm sure. Would love for any of my readers to follow along with me either on their blogs or just leaving a comment on what they are thankful for that day.
Here is the first page in my blessing/prayer journal. I was inspired by the lesson in my art class this week and knew this was just what I wanted to start with. These GOODNES thoughts have been in my heart and thoughts for weeks. I had to make it fit since this journal is a 4x6 and my picture is a bit too big but I just loved this whole idea. I will have more of my plans for this book in the next day or two as I show them. This will be new for me so I'm trying out new things and seeing what feels right.
I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for the wonderful and sweet comments on my last post. You ladies seriously ROCK and I'm so VERY lucky to know each of you. Thank you !!


  1. Hello, to a month of uplifting post...I love it! Off to the women's retreat, but you will be in my prayers. See you Monday.

  2. Happy November. I also want to do this awesome project . Don't know how much I'll be able to do on a daily basis still I'm going to try.
    Your page has come out so well my friend. Love

  3. What a great, great start to AEDM. I'm THRILLED you took the plunge. I'm sure you're going to love it, especially since you got off to such a great start. And this is the perfect way to do it, too.

    May I make a suggestion? After your post goes live, click on that specific post. It will come up in a new window. Copy what is in the address bar. Today's would be:

    That way no one will get confused if they happen to visit on a different day than when you post your next entry. When you link, use what you have just copied to paste into that day's link list. It will make your linky tools easier to find the post, too.

    Again, DELIGHTED you joined this month long event.

  4. Well it looks like you have a lots of wonderful things to be grateful for.. Life Is Good..

    Happy November.


  5. Aww I love that- your thankful month and can't wait to see what you will be creating this month.

  6. Love the mandala - finally got to a computer where I could send a comment - love the cloud pictures - love your stories - always enticing - but most of all - I love that all this makes you so happy!

  7. Hi Dawn,
    What a great project for this month. Practising an attitude of gratitude is so important in today's hectic world. Your page is beautiful!

    Btw, to add to what Elizabeth said...another way you can do it is to right-click on the heading of the post you want to share via AEDM, and select Copy Link Address...then you can paste it directly into the Linky box over on AEDM. I hope I haven't confused things. I usually do either method and, as Elizabeth said, it helps people find the correct post particularly is they are checking posts out on a different date.

    Btw, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

    'See' you tomorrow. :)

  8. Love all the gratitude you are cultivating! I truly believe gratitude is one of the most important ingredients of a happy life. Can't wait to see more of your beautiful pages! Happy AEDM! xo, janice

  9. Hi Dawn-A thankful month-what a great project-we should all be taking the time out of our busy lives to be thankful.Looking forward to seeing more of your thankful posts.
    Hugs, Nessa xxxx

  10. Hi Down
    Want to follow you back as well, seems we have more in common than aedm because I'm also interested in Gratitude! That will pop up this month I promise

  11. How fun to see you had all creative goodness planned!. Busy doing things we love, must be grateful for that :). It is a beautiful thing to do a gratitude journal, very therapeutic, and spiritual. You are on a good start, LOVE your sweet first pages :). Oh, maybe you would like to share a recipe or two of your favorite Thanksgiving cooking?. I love pecan pie & a blop of cream!!. Can't find it here :). HUGS.

  12. Thank you ladies for your wonderful sweet comments. Always makes my day to see you here!

  13. Wow Dawn! You inspire me once again! What a beautiful way to take on the AEDM project! I always love your gratitude leaves, but adding the journal this year is so awesome! You are inspiring me to join in on this project too!

  14. I should be doing this art every day thing. Love.