Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week In The Life.... day one

Hello, I'm sharing day one of Week in the Life with you which was today, Sunday instead of tomorrow like most others. I wanted to capture the night before school in my album and Sunday is my favorite day of the week so it's a good place to start. I took it easy on the amount of photos today, only 45 which seems like a lot but I've been known to take over a hundred on the first day. Some of these were duplicates of the same thing too just different angles.
Starting you off with my morning breakfast and lovely sunlight coming in, YAY!! It was super hot today, like to hot to do anything outside so we stayed in with the A/C on. We slept in a bit since we were up late with fireworks last night and I slept horrible. So a late breakfast and we got dressed and made it to church in plenty of time. YAY! I meant to take photos at church and didn't get too, but it was amazing!! So glad my sister Annie came which is rare for her.
After church and lunch we headed to store to grab a few items to pack in their lunches. What I love about this WITL time is the growth of Sam, he grew almost 4 inches this summer. So neat seeing it happen and he's passing all of us, Rich is the last one he needs to pass and he's almost there.
I made sure Sam had everything he needed for the first day tomorrow. He will be in 8th grade, the last year of middle school for him. I bet a lot of the boys in his grade have grown this year, I can imagine the looks they are all going to give each other tomorrow at the changes.
I vacuumed and did some light cleaning so I won't have to tomorrow. Going to be lazy and enjoy the quiet house and read and sit outside if it's not too hot. Not going to lie, winter will be here before I know it so I'm sitting outside every chance I get now!!
Rich and I took Lucky out several times together today, always nice to do this!! He still loves to take pictures with me!! Love spending Sunday's at home with him!
The sunflowers are in full bloom here and gorgeous!!
packed up the lunches, my least favorite thing about school
A beautiful sky to end the night at the track. The weather finally cooled enough I could go do a couple laps. Hoping to get back into this daily now before winter comes.
No real big stories for today but these back to school  ones were just what I wanted and will have some journaling to go with them. Really shows that our summer's aren't about being with little kids anymore, almost all adult here now. Looking forward to this new school year and fresh new start at college for Renee. Thanks so much for your visit today. See you again soon for our Day 2.


  1. Great start with this project Dawn. Love all the pictures you have shared here. Best wishes for the kids on their new school year. I am still hesitant to start this project. Hope I will feel like doing this tomorrow when I start my day.
    Wishing you a quiet and peaceful Monday

  2. such a cute pic of you and hubby...and that's a great shot of the sunset at the track! great that you are too! some days it's hard to get motivated...;) happy end of summer!

  3. I was here four times on Sunday and finally gave up. Wow, I'm impressed that Sam gained four inches. I can imagine he is eating you out of house and home (grin).

    I enjoyed seeing your Sunday and what fun you had with the kids and Rich. Wonderful photos. Of course, you would never catch me eating before late afternoon, since I try to only eat once a day.

    I'm off to see Day 2 now!!

  4. I absolutely love that you captured the night before school in one of your photos! And I especially like the photo of you and Rich! I love your sunflowers - they are one of my favorite flowers along with daisies and tulips! Your sunflower photos are beautiful, my friend! And wow - I really like the beautiful sky that ended your night at the track, too! Thank you for sharing this with all of us!