Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WITL... birthday!

Loved this and knew some of you will too!
Hello! Before starting about our Tuesday, I want to share a few feelings/thoughts I had yesterday. This project is about what  a real week looks like in our house, I am struggling seeing it that way because this is not a normal week for us.  I'm taking way more photos, I'm blogging daily (which doesn't happen usually) taking time to keep notes and uploading photos everyday, sending kids back to school, celebrating birthdays, having one daughter home from school and going to college/work, mix all that with the emotions from doing all this, this isn't a normal week. Add on that we've been on summer break and really without much routine at all and now there's a routine taking place and I'm slowing down to capture it yet hurrying to get it all done too.
With that being said, I'm loving it and happy to capture this important time in our lives and will love looking back at it. It's our new "normal" which is always going to be changing in big ways now that the kids are older and things happen. I'm thankful to be here and documenting and still finding the good and the love mixed in all the crazy and new. I'm going ahead with full force and celebrating each big and little moment, real life as we are living it!! Now let's get on with our day:
Again, LOVE seeing him grow and change, love this one from today!
Stopped by to tell my mom THANK YOU for being a great mom for 46 years! Yep, today is my birthday! She called me while I was in the shower so made sure to see her and tell her I love her and knew she'd want to see me too. I LOVE YOU MOM! She's so cute in blue too!
This is the new normal, having her home with me today and not at high school. We went and found her class and got another book she needed that wasn't in stock last time we came. So excited and nervous for this new journey she is on. I want such good things for her ! She starts college next Monday, some classes will be at the college in our town and the other one is about 25mts away.
Then we went to Joann's and Michaels so I could bday shop. PUMPKINS!!!
home by noon and start chores and went outside when I got that sunflower picture at the top
also got this of our apple tree. We have tons on it but only this one will be good enough to eat, hoping to get more next year. Rich wants a lot and to make apple pie and applesauce with them.
about half hour later the sun left and the rain came for a short time
Finally sat down to take notes on my day so far. Savoring this homemade jam from blog friend Dawn and my normal afternoon tea. The day is flying by already. By this time too, I had calls, texts and IG friends wishing me happy birthday. I'm so blessed to have all these wonderful people in my life.
The kids come home and chat about their days and then go do their own thing. Later we meet again for dinner. Spaghetti, my choice since it's my birthday! Sam has leftover tuna casserole that he loves.
I love taking pictures of us a the table, so much happens at that table.
Soon Rich is home and we head out for our walk with Lucky. Sometimes Sam comes along and there is football throwing like today. Sometimes we kick the soccer ball around. These are another personal favorite time of day for me, will miss it when winter comes.
Finally, it's BIRTHDAY TIME, cake and our kids singing happy birthday to us. Rich's birthday is the day after mine so we make one cake and share it. Each of the girls had either a phone or my camera and kept clicking away and got some sweet and weird pictures  of us for me. LOVE this one, I'm thankful for this moment and this past year and the one ahead.
My one goal for this week was to get more family photos, all of us together. Summer was missing from these, almost didn't take them but glad I did now that I see them.
Thankful to have this one home this year to celebrate with me.
When we were all done and came inside, she was out of her shower and asleep. Slept for awhile before getting up and going to bed. Love her with a towel, have wanted one of this for months now.
Good night Tuesday! I took 84 photos with my camera, most I've done so far and still less then the past WITL. I took about 20 on my phone too which is about normal.
Again, a not normal yet normal for this week look at our lives. Thanks again for reading and encouraging me on this project. It means a lot me! See you tomorrow.


  1. Belated HappyBirthday and enjoyed reading your non "normal norma day!

  2. Happy belated birthday to you Dawn, and happy birthday to Rich. I hope it was another great day for you. Sorry I'm late, but I was out all day and just got home, too. So glad you have taken all these photos, even though I feel I know your family so well by now. Nice to see Kristen home, too.

  3. Once again a Belated birthday wishes to you dear friend. May you have the best of everything this year. The family photo looks cool. These are the priceless memories that make this project so worth it