Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week in the Life....Saturday

Hello Saturday, thank you for being so good!  Today I took 38 photos, some of those were doubles and bad ones, surprised again at how much less I'm taking this time around. I can't wait to look back over all the photos this week and start my album, so excited! I will be working in small batches and will share bits here or wait till it's all done and share it. Thanks again for your support to keep me going. For the photos/stories today I'm using the "Saturday's are for" prompt, so perfect for today.
Saturday's are for a VERY rare breakfast from Mcdonald's requested by Sam. He was up at 7:15 today, he was hoping to sleep in longer, the less time to wait till game time the better for him. He was up and even wanted to go to Giant Eagle with me to pass the time quicker. He is so excited for game time. On the way home he requested breakfast which never happens so I said, OK and we shared pancakes and a hash brown each. Love having this time with him and it's a reminder that in a couple years it will be just me and him. Should be interesting and fun and crazy, just like him.
Saturday's are for going to my grandma's house and helping her shower and change and get her laundry. I didn't want to bother her with a picture so this one will do and gives me warm memories of family picnics right here and all us kids growing up here playing and having fun together.
Saturday's are for Rich working only half days, YAY! Wish he didn't have to but he does it so I can stay home and gives us a little extra money.
Saturday's are for soccer in the fall and spring! Sam was so excited and did so well today!! There's some changes this season and we weren't sure how it would go but it went so good! It was so hot, Rich and I hid in the shade back away from the game, zoomed in for this one. Sam handled the heat well and scored two of the 4 goals made for his team. They WON!!!  He looked so tall out there!
Saturday's are for family members coming to watch Sam play soccer! This week, Ryan my niece played at the same time so it was nice to have everyone there today and to watch them both. She won and scored 3 goals, YAY! LOVE LOVE THIS PHOTO!!  My dad and sister Heather were there too and Sam asked his youth teacher from church to come and he did.
Saturday's are for filling up the bird feeder, LOVE this photo!
Saturday's are for going on a DATE!! This never happens, we meet at Red Lobster a few times a year for lunch when kids are at school and that's it. This was a date, we honestly couldn't remember the last one we had. Not only that but as we started driving I asked him about changing our planned plans and doing our own thing and so we did and had so much fun just us two together!
It's not the best picture, I had to hurry since people kept walking past us but we got this and a couple others here and the other places we went. Thankful that he likes me using the timer on the camera and even saying yes to pictures all the time and saying YES to me everyday. We talked and laughed and surprising didn't worry about the kids or the house or Lucky. We will be doing this again for sure.
I had to show you this beautiful quilt my mom made me! LOVE LOVE THIS!! She was going to give it to me for Christmas but didn't want to wait so it's for my birthday. She knows I love trees and even these colors! Homemade gifts are the best aren't they!! THANK YOU MOM!! XOXO
Thank you again for visiting, one more day to go and it will be done!!


  1. Date nights can be so much fun, no matter how long you've been with someone. Sounds like you two had lots of fun doing what you both enjoyed.

    I'm in AWE of that quilt. You KNOW if I owned it, it would be on my guest bed at Christmas since I only decorate with different forms of trees each year.

    It was nice to read that Sam's team won and he scored two goals. Sounds like all that pent up anxiety paid off!

  2. MacDonald's hot cake used to be my kids favorite! Nice to go on a date. Wonderful share Dawn!

  3. Oh and I love the quilt your mom made for you too!