Saturday, August 22, 2015

Week in the Life....Friday

Hello Friday! Today their isn't school for Sam but Summer has her cosmetology class from 11-3, Renee was out with friends and that meant me and Sam had the day together. During the day the word "time" kept coming to mind so I will use that prompt for my story today.
Morning time is my favorite, always a hot shower and a quick hair dry, I'm in and out about 12mts, very low maintenance girl. Thankful for short hair on these summer days, easy to care for.
I take a picture out the bathroom window, so pretty and cooler today
back downstairs again and I get a picture of the time and know that I'm behind on it already. I would be on the way to the store or at the store by now. Decide right now not to let the time bother me today, going to go at the pace the day evolves into and be at peace with it. This is big for me and I need to do it more often, letting go of time sometimes is a good thing.
I spend a lot of time in this spot at the table, my favorite place to be. I can see out all the windows, hear birds, see the changes of each season, hear the noises from the neighbors and hello to sunlight! All my daily things are right here, when left out they are used many times during the day.
On the way to store I take a photo of the sunflower garden down the road. We pass this many times and it makes me smile. Rich would love to have this in our yard. Also, just past this is a field of cows we love to see and a gated pen for the not so little cows/calf's and we LOVE seeing them each time.
Back home with groceries, feeling thankful for the food we have and the hard work Rich does everyday to provide for us. Taking time to be thankful for the everyday things we have is a big part of my life. This has grown so much in me through these last years and I'm so happy for it.
During this time, the kids are all up and moving around eating, talking, sharing about the plans for the day. Sam is excited for his first soccer game tomorrow and asks me if I am too. YES I AM!! He mentions and asks me this several times during the day. Love the excitement he has!
Making time for laundry happens everyday without even thinking about it. I never see it as a chore anymore, just another part of life like breathing and eating. It's done daily for the most part, I do my grandma's clothes twice a week for her so it may not always be ours that's going.
Noticing the time again, already the day is going by faster then I'd like.
During most days I try to divide my time between things and realize today that isn't going to happen. In fact, all week it hasn't happened. Reminded just how not normal our week has been, it's been a great week just the same though. Here are the 3 things I was planning on doing today. Reading a new book, reading for Sunday School and adding new photos to my PL. Instead of these I did the following:
Playing and hanging out with Sam! Love when that can happen and it's just us, especially now that school is here and he's gone all day and tired when he gets home. Lately he takes all his soccer balls and we just keep kicking them to each other fast and see how we keep up with 4 at once. Lucky is out here roaming around while we do this. She stops and watches some of the time or lays in the shade.
Then we go in and watch a movie I surprised him with. Haven't used Redbox in a couple years but today it worked out just right to do so. We both enjoyed it, Mall Cop 2, crazy but made us laugh.
Then we took Lucky out again and played 2 games of basketball, I made some good baskets! Making time for this was good too. Funny, how I like sports more now as an adult then as a kid. So glad he does too and we get these times together. Again, noticing how tall he looks now, he also talked about the game for tomorrow as we played. He's so excited !
After this, Summer is home. We order pizza for me and Sam eats a homemade one, YAY !
Then I get to spend some time with this cutie! Summer babysat next door and I went over and helped her a couple times. So good to sit and hold and play with a little one again, babies are my favorite. Back at home later and put Sam to bed and read a little finally before heading to bed myself.
Another AWESOME thing that happened tonight was my mom dropping my bday gift for me. It was late so no pictures, will do that today and post them tomorrow. So excited about it!!
We have a fun full day for today, Sam's game then Rich and I are going to a baseball game tonight. I may sleep in tomorrow which means my post for today won't happen till tomorrow night. Might squeeze today's and tomorrow's into that one and be done.
Thanks again for visiting!! So glad your enjoying these posts too!


  1. You can always tell when kids are excited about something. They keep repeating it as if you hadn't already heard it a hundred times, or as if you might forget if they don't keep reminding you it will happen. Sounds like Sam is really excited about his game. He got some good practice in, too, with your help. At least he was less shy about you taking his photo for Friday's photos.

    Like you, I'm a low maintenance gal, but I don't seem to be able to shower, dress, and do all the required things (shaving, face cream, deodorant, brushing my teeth, mouthwash, body cream, etc) in such short time. I don't even have to comb my hair, since all I have to do is run my fingers through it. Haven't used a comb in 20 years, because I always have my fingers with me (grin). I suspect in a large family, if bath space is at a premium, lack of time would become the norm. I have two baths and neither cat uses either of them. Just me. So sharing is not a problem for me.

    Had fun seeing what you did on Friday. Can't wait to see the final time you will share with us. I've learned a lot about your normal day!

  2. Another awesome day in your life Dawn, and what a cute baby!