Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week In The Life..... Monday

Hello, sharing my WITL pictures from Monday with you today. So glad to have this first week of changes, back to school and almost birthdays in our album. Today was the first day of school but not for this girl! Renee had the early shift at her job at Giant Eagle, nice that she was up early but weird to send her off to work and not school with the other two. She starts college next week so excited for this new chapter beginning for her.
Look at these cuties!! Sam has grown so much this summer, love seeing him be like the bigger brother now and not so little. Summer loves that he's taller and hugs him constantly. Summer is starting her senior year and Sam is in the 8th grade now! They got up and ready with no problem today. Actually had 15 mts of sitting around they got ready so fast.
we came back in to wait for Sam's bus and Lucky was already whining about their leaving. Summer sat and gave her some love before they left. Lucky stayed by my side today and I really had to coax her to go outside and not be so sad. I missed the kids too, more than I thought I would and wish we still had a few more weeks together.
LOVE how this picture turned out, I always try to include this part of the yard in each WITL. Not sure why but it's my favorite spot every season and this year seeing the sunflowers so tall and pretty makes me happy. Lucky was supposed to be in this but she moved at the last second.
I headed to the store later that morning after a visit from my sister and doing some chores. I'm keeping the receipt from this trip and adding it in the album, fun to add any paper things to help tell the story.
back at home again and went outside to enjoy the fresh air with Lucky. It was actually too hot by then and we came in soon after taking this.
Laundry finishing up in Sam's room, trying to get me in the photos and using my timer today was fun and crazy. Took me a few tries in the photos above and the others I took today, thankful that Ali encourages us to do this.
Love that I got this without Summer knowing, not sure what she was smiling about but happy to see that smile of hers. Renee got off work just in time to pick up Summer!
Rich came home in time for me to walk with him and Lucky before heading out to my Bible Study class. YAY for Sam coming out with us, love getting this picture of how tall Sam is getting next to Rich now. He will probably pass Rich sometime this fall or next year I'm thinking. We hung out for a good 10mts talking and kicking soccer ball to each other, love these moments.
When I got home, got caught up with the kids and Rich then started putting Sam to bed. I remembered then then that I wanted to capture a fun family photo each day if I can. So this is what we got for today, missing Kristin's feet but hope to get her on the other days.
Happy today went pretty good for our first day of changes around here, it's new and I don't like changes or new but it felt good to get day one done.
Thank you Ali for this wonderful project and letting us share it with you. Thankful for all you inspire me to do with this project and to tell our stories. Good luck to everyone else doing this too, excited to see your photos and stories. Thanks for visiting here and see you tomorrow for more of our WITL.


  1. Great pics!!! Loved reading about your day!

  2. Oh Dawn, I ADORE all these photos! wishing I had done something like this when my kids were still at home...what precious memories and pictures that you will treasure!

  3. Oh Dawn, I ADORE all these photos! wishing I had done something like this when my kids were still at home...what precious memories and pictures that you will treasure!

  4. You got some very creative shots today! Wow -- your son is tall for 8th grade. My sixth grade daughter is as tall as me now.

  5. For some reason, I thought Summer had graduated. Glad to see you still have two in school and we can follow them this week.

    Loved all the photos and really enjoyed seeing how you spent your day.

  6. I a so happy that I stopped by your blog today, Dawn! Your day in the life made me so happy! Anne doesn't start school(she is going into 7th grade) until Aug 31, and Katie goes back to Penn State to begin her senior year this coming Sunday. Anne is growing like a weed this summer and I think may be as tall as me soon! I absolutely love all of your photos, especially your favorite one - the one with the sunflowers! And I agree with you, I wish we had just a few more weeks together as a family this summer, but as you know, time just keeps marching on and we must let them grow up!!! This summer especially seemed to go by so fast! Anyway, I hope all is well with you, my friend! Hugs!! Sharon

  7. Many many happy returns of the day dear friend. These random pictures are so fun to look at Dawn. Love the last family picture.Your sunflower pictures are always my favorite.