Friday, August 21, 2015

Week in the Life.... Thursday

Hello WITL Thursday! This week has flown by, a busier then normal week for us. Today was mostly about the Sienna and Colt, the little ones I babysit, this is the only day they are here so had to capture them while I could. Wishing I could have done a WITL when my kids were this young so I love that I get the chance to do it with these two. They are growing up too fast also, sigh.
Ali, shared on her WITL post yesterday about what some/most days look like, so I will be doing that with some of my photos today. I also really liked that one I shared from my table with Romeo in the window, decided to play with that angle during the day today.
The post above is definitely a most days happening for me, each morning I start my day with a cup of tea and reading the She Reads Truth study and enjoy it so much.
most days this is what the shoes look like, a little mix of all of us. Some days it bothers me and either I or one of the kids straightens them up for me. Some days it doesn't bother me, I know one day they will be in their own places and only mine and Rich's shoes will be here.
most days he carries that green blanket with him, he likes the comfort of it I guess and always wants to be warm. Most days this chair is where you will find him.
Some days one of the kids will lay with Lucky, she loves these moments!
Some days this is my morning snack
I noticed Romeo in the window again, he's looking at the birds that have been hiding in the bushes this past week. He sits and is so focused on them at times. I also decided then to take photos from this angle during the day, knowing that the kids will be playing in that room.
Some days he's here and most of those days it's always blocks and cars
Some days my sister stops by
Most days when they are here we pick tomatoes
Most days Renee beeps and waves to me when she leaves
Most days she colors when she's here and this makes us both happy.
It took 3 tries to get her and Colt playing with his blocks in this picture, YAY!
Love seeing them both do their favorite things.
Some days I can cook something Sam likes and wants more of!!
Tonight ended with me being treated to a birthday treat from my SIL, first time we've ever done that. We sat and talked for two hours, was a nice night out for this, wind and sun and laughs.
I took 68 photos today and yesterday, seems to be just the right amount. I can tell I'm not reaching for my camera for every single thing and haven't done any with the weather or what time it is like in the past. I do wish I was getting the kids more, especially in the morning with what they are wearing. Thankful again for this project and for you visits each day!! Have a great day!


  1. Colt has grown so big! How fast the time is flying right? Love the home grown tomatoes. This ice creams look so tempting -:)
    Have a lovely weekend

  2. It really IS a day in your life. And it's very busy, I can tell. So good to see the little ones, Colt and Sienna at play. I'd love to join you for that breakfast, but it would have to be later in the day. So enjoyed these photos.