Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week in the life.....Wednesday

Hello Wednesday in WITL! It was a good day and it was Rich's and Lucky's birthday! So fun having our birthday's back to back. The kids going to school almost feels normal today, they get up and ready so good and are tired when they get home which makes for early bedtimes here.
I took the picture above out my bedroom window after my shower, one of the fun parts of this project is that I do try and take pictures from all the windows/views in our house. I've gotten to see that tree blossom and grow tall because of that. Was hoping for a bit more color/sun in the sky but this still makes me happy.
I didn't bother the kids to much with pictures this morning, just going with the flow today and see what I will end up with. This is the backyard when taking out Lucky about 7:15am, gorgeous and peaceful. I love how the sun coming up in the front reaches into the backyard like this.
Summer an I on the way to drop her off at school and I walk the track. Feels so good to be walking the track again, didn't happen much over the summer. Determined to make this a daily routine till winter comes then try to brave the not so cold days or head to a gym. Thankful she loves getting selfies of us driving, we do this all the time and it's a big part of us.
The day just gets more gorgeous and hot, never get tired of taking these pictures.
Rich surprised me and decided to take a half day for his birthday. We usually go to Red Lobster to celebrate our birthday's but this time he picks a favorite of his. A local family restaurant that has his favorite hot roast beef and gravy open face sandwich. I chose a yummy grilled cheese. It was nice to go out and just be with him alone, we have another date planned this weekend, YAY!
Back home again and Rich goes outside and picks the corn on the cob that is finally ready!! He bags them up and delivers them to the neighbors and will take some to work. Everyone loves his corn, he would have a whole field of it if he could. Love seeing the excitement he gets from his corn and giving to others to enjoy.
I noticed Romeo in the window while at the table and took this shot, love how it came out. He lives on the back of the couch most of the day then moves to the back room later on.
This sweet girl always by my side or my feet, so thankful for her. Today she is five and is the best dog. She gave us quite a scare two weeks ago, too much of a treat had made her sick. She is back to her normal and extra happy jumping barking wonderful self.
Taking time to enjoy tea and the quiet before the kids are home.
My sister and nieces brought Sam home today, YAY! While sitting together Lucky wanted up on the couch with us too. She's been extra loving this week now that she's better and because she misses the kids being gone.
Gorgeous and hot out still, we took Lucky out several times today to enjoy the warmth and sky before hiding inside with the A/C on. That's Renee's new car on the left and mine on the right. Rich has a new car now too, can't see it here. Can't believe we have 3 new cars now, Summer is hoping to get one sometime this year too.
Took Sam to soccer practice and stopped by my other sister's house and she gave me these awesome birthday presents. LOVE THEM ALL!! Thank you Annie!!
Took this last shot of the sky, looks like it would rain but never did.
Thanks so much for visiting and keeping me motivated!
Saying a big HELLO to Nancy, bet your loving these daily posts!
See you back here tomorrow!


  1. August is a month of celebration for you-:) Your outdoor nature photos are awesome e. I never get tired of seeing them. That is so generous of you both to give some of the corn to your neighbors. Congrats on getting the new car.
    Have a good day

  2. another great post Dawn!! you're almost through your week already!!! today is a brand new day and I am very excited for it!! for once this week, I have zero obligations outside the home so am looking forward to a more "normal" looking day, yay!! jealous of your ducks ate all of mine this year so already waiting for next summers garden ;) happy Thursday!!!

  3. Wow, what an informative post. I love the selfie, and all the photos you got of Rich and how you and Rich had a chance to share birthday time together. I think it's good that you two got to go to HIS favorite restaurant on his birthday. Made it even more special for him, I'm sure.

    I tried to grow corn one year, but my yard is so small, I had no room for it to pollinate. What fun it must be for Rich to be able to share the corn he grows each year.

    I look forward to seeing tomorrow and will be very sad when this week ends. I really enjoy visiting everyday.