Saturday, November 2, 2013

Art Everyday 2

Hello and welcome to day two of AEDM. I had fun going thru the other links yesterday and seeing all the amazing and pretty projects everyone shared. What an inspiring group we have here, it's my first time doing this and I wasn't sure what to expect but loved it. Wishing I had more time to visit everyone on the list, doing my best to get around. Does anyone have a system of how they do this, please share if you do?! I received some help on my linking up correctly too, thank you Elizabeth and Serena, hoping to do today's link with no issues. Now if anyone can help on how to scan my art and not have the background showing PLEASE let me know, thank you!!
Look at those beautiful thankful leaves for our first day, YAY!! I always love seeing what the kids will write and they always make me smile. Sam's was my most surprised one, he said school. You can click on the image to read better. The little ones were over for babysitting day and did one too. I'm thinking it will be easier after today to just show you that days leaves and thru out the month I will show you them on our door all together. Did anyone else take a moment to be thankful for something? If so PLEASE let me know in the comments, I love hearing them!
my thankful picture of the day for Project Life... cousin time
Here is page 2 in my prayer/blessing journal.
My plans for these pages are first to read and quiet time with the bible each morning instead of jumping right onto the computer. Then I will write down all my thoughts/prayer/praises/concerns or whatever is coming from my heart at this time. I am not one that does much journaling in my artwork. So this is new for me as well, hoping by giving a place for all these thoughts will bring me more peace to my days. The last step will be to paint over the journaling most days as it is private and create whatever art I'm feeling at that moment on it. My thoughts on this were...
I knew it had to have hearts, I'm such a heart girl and the blue is my favorite color and it had to be simple. I did enjoy writing out all my thoughts, it was actually relaxing and helpful. I do need to lighten up my pressure on the pencil though, didn't mean for it to come out so dark. Once I painted the hearts and put them down I was going to leave it. The more I looked at it thru the day I knew I had to add some words/title to it. My oldest gave me a pretty heart statue thing years ago with these words on it and they felt right for this page. Thankfully they came out and no mistakes. That's my other issue with writing on my page, ruining it by writing something wrong or smudging.
So there it is page two and it's not so dark like it is in the picture.
I want to say a BIG thank you for those who visited me and left wonderful comments.
Thank you Leah for giving us a place to share and be inspired with everyday this month.
Have a wonderful and thankful day today!


  1. I love the images you offered and wish I could be more technical help but alas... no such luck from me! I have been doing AEDM for five years now (!) and I decided this year to pay special attention to the five artists above me and below me on the signup page and then get to as many of the other artists as possible. I wanted to get close to several and know the rest will take care of itself.

    I love the grateful leaves. One of these days I will make a gratitude tree... perhaps as one of my AEDM2013 projects for next week?

  2. November -- the month of Thanksgiving and gratitude! Love the leaves -- perfect for the season. Love getting kids involved in *arty* things. Happy AEDM.

  3. Another lovely page! Sweet pic of the kids and good to hear the ditch is getting fixed too. :)

    Glad to be of help re. the link to your static post via the AEDM page. Re. scanning - Not really sure what you mean as it appears you photographed the images above?

  4. I'm enjoying following along with your leaf project, as well as your new journal. I used to collect hearts in every shape, form, and style (before I started collection rocking horses), so that spread spoke to me. It's really sweet.

    I'm like Serena. I'm not sure what you meant by scanning, but all I can think of is cropping your first image unless you have a great program like PhotoShop. And don't ask me about it. I've owned my (at that time) very expensive copy since 2000, and still can't do much more than crop and size my photos!

  5. BTW, I forgot to add, today I plan to visit those who visited me today and yesterday, because yesterday I spent the whole day on my computer chasing links.

  6. Thank you for sharing your journaling process. I love it, and the page is beautiful!

  7. Hi Dawn, great job you're doing on starting the day with quiet time, Bible reading and praying. I always plan to do just so but most days I'm starting the day in a hurry to get my son to school, lol. About thankfulness: today I was pondering on thankfulness and realized that it's so easy to forget to be thankful daily. There are so many things to be thankful for, things we take for granted but are great blessings nevertheless. My thankful moment today was when the sun was setting and I saw the wonderful autumn colours around me in a most beautiful golden light.
    Thanks for sharing your thankfulness, hugs to you sweetie!

  8. Always great to be grateful but especially during this month of thanksgiving! Lovely

  9. I love this journal, what an amazing thing to do. I love how you paint over your journalling, this is a pretty powerful thing to do, this is a wonderful idea and I hope you keep sharing with us. I always love your art journals and love the idea of one but don't think I have time for one LOL. But I found the perfect journal for me yesterday which I am about to share on my blog. You have inspired me to do this so thank you. Its a bit of a cheats way but perfect for me, and I think you will agree.
    Love me :-)

  10. Beautiful pages!!

    It is hard to get around to everyone. I can't keep up myself, but I try!

    How wonderful the way you're sharing gratitude with the kids!!

  11. Today, I'm just thankful for the beautiful weather and the beautiful trees around me!.. Yesterday, we had a rainstorm and my favorite tree with whimsical branches in the backyard forest came down in a loud thud!. The whole tree was gone!. I was watching the foggy scene just a few minutes before and then, magically disappeared in the thick bush :).

    Soft & sweet pages, keep writing and journal. The more you do, the more naturally it flows. Yes, I like hiding things too, like private notes :). HUGS.

  12. Your Gratitude leaves are beautiful Dawn. Making the kids do this is even more wonderful. I too am doing it this year.Have posted it on my blog. This prayer journal is a wonderful idea. I like the idea of painting over the writing that we want to keep private.
    Thank you for sharing all this here

  13. What a wonderful post Dawn, so very inspiring!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Our Beautiful World!

  14. Another lovely post Dawn ... Love your journal pages ... Thanks for sharing at Our Beautiful World!