Monday, September 30, 2013

T Stands for THUMB and T on Tuesday

Hello and welcome to T Time with Elizabeth!! I am sharing my new mug with some warm cider in it, so good!! It's been perfect fall weather here, I love it and want it to stay!! I have slammed my thumb in the door tonight so this is very hard to type,will do my best to type but please excuse any mistakes and I won't using captials this time to make it easier too. I have been painting and worked on my calenders that Elizabeth inspired me with and want to share them with you today.
here is my Sept.calender all filled up. Just doing this reminded me of how much I miss my old scrapbook calendar pages. I have a whole album filled with them and enjoyed creating them with pictures that didn't get scrapped. used some of my extra pictures here and love it.would have had more but their size didn't work well enough for the squares. I added some fall stickers too.
here is the start to my October making drips
I was inspired by this new paint...jack a cool. then I punched out 31 yellow squares.
and here is the end result...happy October today!! I added some Halloween stickers to it and made the last square orange for fun.used some old alphas too, love using up my stash. I kinda wish you could see the drips better but I know they are there. already have plans for November and December pages too. Thanks Elizabeth for the inspiration to start these again, they weill be going into my pl album. now for some fall art. my finger is really throbbing so this will be quick, sorry ladies but didn't want to miss out on t time.
this is from last year, never finsished the journal os its nice towork in again
heres my page to start fresh this year....lovelovelovethis....I made leaves out of book paper and brown bags.... did osme stamp and painting with fingers and some ink... I love fall leaves...
love making these too, used a leaf stamp fro the first time, lovethese colors needs more maybe
these were done on brown bags loveusing them for art. will do more but had to get the ideas out on making fall favorite of all
heres what my table looked like last week, a big art paint filled tornado thru it and project life is there too and my still to finish WITL album, loveall this on my table. the otherart here is for a class im in.
have also been doing some collaging which I will be sharing later.
thanks so much for joining me for T today or I should say warm cider. hope to have my thumb better in a few daysand to post my project life then.
stop by Elizabeth's for some T and see what others are doing on Tuesday. click on the image at the top of my blog. thanks again!


  1. I confess. Your calendar looks so much better than mine. I am not much for making calendars, especially since so many artists make wonderful ones.

    Sorry about your thumb. I hope it gets better soon, because that can be extremely painful. I also hope to see your week in your life, too. I know it will arrive about the time I least expect it.

    Your cider looks good. I found some whole cloves today I'm going to add them to cinnamon sticks and hopefully make some of my own cider one of these days. If not, I'll use them to make potpourri.

    Your brown bag art is fun. I really enjoyed it.

    Again, hope you heal soon. And thanks for sharing T with us, even though I'm sure it was painful.

  2. Ouch for you and your poor thumb Dawn...sure hope it feels better real soon!
    There is a nice harvesty feel to your T post today...
    I like the cooler temps too (had to find my house slippers again as all of a sudden the floor felt too cold for my favorite bare feet!)...
    Take care
    Happy October to you and yours...

  3. Sorry about your hurt thumb but so glad you were able to share this Autumny color post with us. From the new cup down to the last piece of art...I enjoyed seeing it all.
    Also loved the squash mandala in your previous post!

  4. i'm sorry you've hurt your thumb :(

    i'm drinking out of a cup that looks just like yours. i love the color for this time of year. i'm having coffee. we haven't bought any cider yet; it still doesn't feel like fall with highs here still in the upper '80sF.

    i hope your thumb is fine soon!

  5. Bummer about your thumb! I love the "art filled tornado" line. :)
    Happy Tuesday.

  6. Love your orangey pumpkin calendar page, and the art on paper bags...what fun! Happy Fall and T Tuesday!

  7. Hi Dawn, Love all your art pictures. Your calendar is looking great, and a great idea for using paper bags. Thanks for the share!

  8. You are on a roll, right my friend? Love the fall colors you have used for your paintings. The pumpkins on the brown bags are my favorite. Im happy to see your table like that. Mine was like this the entire Sept. I hope your thumb is getting better.
    Take Care

  9. Happy T Day! The cider sounds great. Can't wait to have my first cider of the season.

  10. Nice work on the calendar and so sorry about your thumb! Happy T-day! :)

  11. Sorry that you hurt your thumb. That happened to me once, and my left thumb's nail turned black ... waited the whole year to outgrow it. Hope the sore goes away soon.

    LOVE so many Fall art you made, this year and last. The calendar with the witch's hat is cute!. Love the drips, yes reminds me of some caramel sauce. But most of all, I'm looking forward to more of your Fall mandalas :). Hugs.

  12. Hi Dawn! I am LOVING your fall art so far! You are amazing, my friend! How is your thumb doing? I hope it is healing. I love your fall mug and the thought of cider in it sounds awesome! And your calendar is just wonderful, too. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with all of us. And thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful prayers for my sister, too!!!! They are appreciated more than you know!

  13. This is fun Dawn, happy to see those beautiful fall colors going on there! Sorry for the thumb! : (