Sunday, August 14, 2011


1. That my hubby cleaned house and mowed and made cookies and filled up my gas tank and made ice tea for me. Love love this guy.

2. That Sam was up early today and shared some quiet sweet moments with Rich and I watching cartoons this morning. Lucky was happy to see him too.

3. That even though it rained we still enjoyed the day and relaxed a lot after being busy. I even took a hour nap. Even let the kids watch tv for a few hours.

4. That I took the girls school shopping and we had FUN FUN FUN together. Lots of laughing and trying on clothes. They are going to look so cute and grown-up though. Want to remember this time with them.

5. That Sam liked the couple shirts and hoodie with headphones that we got for him. His sisters always find him a shirt with the word "SISTERS" on it for him, its become a tradition for school.

6. Thankful for having enough money for shopping today, thankful for my husband working hard to provide for us.

7. That at breakfast the girls and Rich were teasing each other and laughing and getting along. This is something I always want to remember. Love love when Sundays start off right.

8. That we made dinner for tomorrow in the crock pot today, love love knowing my dinner is already for tomorrow, just heat it up and eat. BBQ beef sandwiches and coleslaw and corn.

9. That the girls look so cute today with their new hi-lites in their hair from yesterday.

10. That we enjoyed this day so much and felt the love from all of them today. I am feeling blessed and thankful that I get to live this life and be here everyday to raise these kids and be a wife.

11. I have to throw this one in because it's soooo exciting!!!! Becky Higgins blog this week had all those details of the new albums and new products coming out soon!! I'm dying to know what the new designs for 2012 will be. Honestly though this Turqoise one I have now is so ME that I might just get it again for next year or at least the journal cards to play with.
Happy Sunday everyone. Have a great week!!


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous Sunday! So happy for you!

  2. Thank you Becki we did, glad to see you again.

  3. Sorry i'm a week late! really enjoyed this post! it's funny how we both get excited when hubby's the little things.
    sounds like a wonderful sunday!