Friday, August 5, 2011

Random thoughts and happenings

Happy first week of August!! I am going to be busy in the next couple weeks here, school is less then 3 weeks, mine and Rich's birthday's are less then 2 weeks, back to school shopping x 3. We have school stuff to do before it even starts with open houses, books to read for Honors English ( my Renee has to read 3 books before school starts) haircuts, and highlights for my girls (this will be their first time), back to a bedtime/wake-up schedule. I am one of those moms who starts this 2 weeks before school instead of the night before school. No more staying up late and sleeping till 9 anymore, thankfully this summer I was up at 5 everyday so I will be fine. Here's what else is on my mind today:

1. finish week in the life album or at least start on it
2. catch up on 2 weeks of project life
3. finish my little cousin's birthday scrapbooks ( I'm struggling a little on this, trying to not include every picture of the last year but it's soooo hard.
4. excited to go to Old Fashion Day's tonight and get a corn dog and fresh lemonade
5. the weather is warm but not hot so the windows are open and the a/c is off
6. I made it to the track twice this week and hope to go twice over the weekend
7. love love reading and being inspired by blogs lately, so many sweet ladies out there I get to talk to everyday
8. Still grateful for finding Ali Edward's and her blog and her Week in the Life. Even though the week is over I'm still thinking about it and going over the pictures.
9. excited that my girls love our new fruit pizza for breakfast
10. the other night at dinner Sam ate all his spaghetti and got every last drop off his plate, it was whole wheat spaghetti too, this makes me very HAPPY
11. For having good talks with Sonja and Laureen, everyone needs someone like them in their lives!!
12. Soccer season is started and it's filled with a bittersweet memory of what it use to be and what it is now. Not happy about the politics in soccer and how they changed it for us this season. Going with a heavy heart but trying to stay positive for Sam.
13. Already planning a cleaning schedule for when kids go back to school, this house needs scrubbed from top to bottom and I can't wait.
14. looking forward to taking care of my healthy side better once kids go to school
15. thankful for the clouds, breezes, flowers, clean pool water, my hubby, fresh ice tea
and more but that is a looong list already.

Happy Friday everyone, enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Hello sweet friend, Sorry haven't been visiting but we have been so super busy. Last week was just crazy, I am just thankful that I wasn't doing a WITL last week... I would never have made it.
    Keep up with track, I know sometimes it can be a chore but just keep going. I often think I have no energy for zumba but once I am there is love it and I am so glad I went.
    Back to school soon... cherish the last few weeks before it all starts again, although in saying that I really liked it when the kids went back, I just love routine so it turned out LOL.
    The house cleaning thing.. I hate it but know exactly what you mean about cleaning from top to bottom after the kids go back.
    I too have to catchup on PL but I have about 4 weeks to catch up on.
    We are going out for a drive today so it will be nice to just relax a bit and spend time together. Have a nice day and chat soon.
    Love me :-)