Wednesday, August 10, 2011


In two weeks I will be waking my little chicklets ( I always call them that) and sending them off to a brand new school year. Oh how I wish to be a fly on the wall at their schools to see and hear all that they do. This has been one super power I've always wished to have, like seeing them in the cafeteria and what they do with the lunches I pack so lovingly each night. To see if they are using their manners and being polite and how often they check out the boys at school and in Sam's case it's him counting the minutes till recess and lunch and gym. This year my kids will be in 3 seprate schools which means
1. 3 different wake up times

2. 3 back home arrival times

3. 3 school numbers and calenders to memorize

4. 3 schools I have to trust will take care of my chicklets and keep them safe and teach them well

5. 3 different bus drivers and routes to remember

6. 3 different views of how to sign in and out for doc.appts. or sickness

7. 3 different schools for each of them for one year where they won't get a peek at each other in the halls, sigh

So what will I be doing on the big life changing day????

Is it going back to bed??? Is it shopping??? Is it running errands??? Is it watching tv in my pj's all day??? Is it sneaking in looking in the windows for my kids at school??? Is it waiting by the phone for a nurse/secretary to call me about the kids???


Ok don't laugh at me or call me crazy but what I hope to do on this day is????

Clean my house without any interuptions from the kids. Just want to clean the whole bathroom for once without someone saying they have to go or they need to check their hair or brush their teeth. So besides going for a walk/jog at the track the first 2 hours will be cleaning my house. Am I happy about this??? Yes, I am it's my favorite thing to do when they go back to school. When the cleaning is done then I will make some friend phone calls and chat with no kids listening or fighting. Then I will eat lunch and read at the same time in peace while my soup is hot and my ice tea is still COLD!! Then I will surf my fave blogs and see if anything is new posted. Then if there is time maybe just sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and read till Sam gets home.

I know it doesn't sound exciting and adventurous but for me it will be and I'll be doing a happy dance all day while smiling. Now what will I be thinking and missing during the day???

MY KIDS, MY BABIES, MY CHICKLETS, MY GIFTS FROM GOD!!! Yep, I will miss them like crazy those first couple weeks. I usually can't go more then 2 days without seeing them, my heart honestly starts aching to be with them again. Thankfully I don't have to leave them that often. I will miss the noise, no schedules, smart mouths, loud tv and music, the laughing and running thru the house, the many times they say I'm bored, I'm hungry, What can I do, I'm hungry, can we go somewhere. All day everyday little chatter that keeps me busy and drained by bedtime. Thankful for another summer spent with them and watching them grow up.

Still have these two weeks though to enjoy with them. Hope it will be busy and noisy!!


  1. I hear you all all accounts.. only 2 different schools.. my teenager I don't worry about as much. but the little one.. she is my mini me so I will miss her bugging me all the time. this year she is in all day , everyday.. and I have to go job hunting.. alot of changes for all of us. but right now I will just enjoy the time I have left of summer.
    you enjoy yours xx it goes to fast!!

  2. i have always said you are the kind of mom i strive to be. i love how you are not afraid to miss them and tell them about it. that you are preparing yourself and are ready to take on the new schedules and all that comes long with a new school year. we'll be preparing at our house too...designating a homework area for gibson and a place to put his stuff so that i see it. prepping lunch snacks and making sure laundry is all put away.
    feeling real jealous of your quiet reading time...and cleaning time. =)
    i know you will make the most of your time with them before school starts! enjoy!

  3. Angie, thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on school time. Hope you enjoy your end of summer also. it does go by fast. It is a hard adjustment when they go to all day school, I was lost when Sam my youngest went.Thankfully my cousin asked if I'd like to babysit a couple times a week, so it worked out ok.

    Andrea, so glad you got to see this post and thanks so much for the kind words for me. I tell them all the time how much they will be missed and I know they miss me a little bit. Sounds like your preparing good for school too. I wish you could have some days off of quiet time too, hope your day will come for you to stay home. Enjoy your time too.

  4. Oh I am not ready for school! I love the carefree time right now. I'm so nervous....Bailey will be in a new school this year. Sounds like you have sone fun for yourself planned! Good for you. But youare right, I know you will miss them lots!