Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On the right side is the front of the extra PP showing about my backyard and the left side is what we did on Sunday.
On the right is the front side of the extra photo protector showing more about our day before school. On the left side is about all the happiness in my backyard.
On the right side is a extra photo protector with my story of babysitting. On the left side is about our day before school starting. I like that the bigger journal cards fit in these pockets.
On the right side is a newspaper article about the dream house winner ( it wasn't us) and our tickets we bought for it. The left side is baby Colt who learned to crawl this week and keeps going after his sister's Dora house.
The right side is some pictures of the first day of school. I have tons and might add more and I am thinking of adding a typed story of our day as well. There was too much to write on the journal cards. On the left side is some newspaper clippings of my hubby's favorite baseball team excited about having an old player back on their team and winning their first 2 games with him.

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