Monday, August 8, 2011

Sienna asked me to take this picture Monday morning. She is doing this more and more now and it brings me such joy to see her love photos like I do. I'm planning on starting her early in scrapbooking. Thank you Sienna for reminding me to enjoy the moments this week and to slow down and not stop taking pictures. I love you big girl. Oh and have to remember that Colt is sitting up on his own very good now.
Thankful for Sam playing this game by himself for an hour so I could get stuff done. He came up with his own versions and kept doing them again and again. At the end he actually made me a word search on them and I found all 5 words. This made my whole day.

I am so thankful that Rich took the kids camping and took the camera. He captured some perfect photos for me.
Renee was looking at her new freshman schedule we just got. There is some changes we want to make. Hoping they will or it will not be that good for her.
We went to the bookstore and bought the books Renee needs for honors English. She has to read 3 books and write about them before school starts. That's the first $28 I spent towards school shopping this year. I also have to pay $20 for her gym uniform this year. Seems every year we pay more for school stuff. By the way Summer took this photo and we did have a great time together out today.
Sam was thankful for Renee sitting with him. She doesn't always do this so glad I got a photo
We had our first unsuccessful garage sale, we picked the wrong weekend. Will try again in couple weeks.
Sam did a great job flying this kite all weekend. He loved it and kept him busy.
worked on my Project Life, had a few weeks to catch up and made a mistake in one of the weeks. Going to re-do it again this week, have to make sure not to get behind on this again. Took two hours of prepping and writing, printing then realized a skipped I skipped a whole week.

did some artwork
I made zuchinni bread again, it smelled so good and tasted even better. This bread took me 45mts to make before even baking it. I am not a baker and don't have patience for this but so glad I stuck it out and get to enjoy eating it now.
A quick picture of Sam's long blond hair before he gets a haircut tomorrow. We both love his hair long and hate haircut days. It grows back fast though and it won't be too short. This last year has been tough because some of the boys tease him about it, so he's torn about what to do.


  1. Love all the pictures! Gym uniform? Wow. Never heard of such a thing. Don't you love it when dad's take pictures? Sorry about your garage sale...keep trying!

  2. wonderful photo's Dawn.. love the camping ones. something about the outdoors captured.. i love it. I have no luck with garage sales.. I just give it to shelters. have a great weekend.