Saturday, August 20, 2011

this is the track and the tennis courts down the road from my house. This is where Renee will be going to high school next week at. It's funny she will probably be out there for gym while I'm there walking. Her gym class uses the track and the courts for gym in the warm months so that means I have to share this peaceful, gorgeous place with a bunch of kids. This year I might just start hitting the streets and walking instead.
This is what was on the other side of the track, the moon up so high I had to really look up to see it. It's amazing how each side of me has something to love and inspire me to be out there. On the back side is a nursery and tons of trees just as beautiful to see.
Look at that gorgeous sunrise, it's all for me, lol....I was born at this time of day so it only seems fitting to be outside walking the track and enjoying God's beauty all around me. This is what gets me out of the house so early, I swear it's calling me to come out and enjoy it and soak it up. Yep, this is my favorite way to start the day right after my hot tea.

the drive back to my house. it's only like 7 mts and I pass 3 nurseries in that time. I love driving down this road and seeing the sun and know that I'm almost home. I always give my self a way to go you and wow you did it kinda pep talk on the way home and tell myself to go again the next day. It feels so good after I do this.
This is what the kids surprised me with when I got home from the track. They had secretly made a banner the day before and hid it. I was so happy to see this when I got home, totally shocked that they did this without any help. The banner was for my hubby too since his bday is the day after mine. This was better then any present from them.

the cards from the kids homemade cards are the best
This is the sun coming up still from my front door. Love seeing this everyday
Renee had a doc. appt. about the scar on her knee. She wants it removed if possible.

I took Renee to Walmart after her appt. to get the calculator and lunchbag she needed for school. More coming on this later.
My best friend got me this frame and the perfect card for me about us growing old together. Her birthday is a couple weeks after mine and we are promising ourselves to out and have fun while kids are at school. We are a lot alike and keep putting the house, chores, kids first but this year we are going to make time for GIRLS DAY OUT.
My mom got a bag of craft things to play with. I love them all and can't wait to use them. I've had my eye on the little easel set but kept talking myself out of it. So happy she did this for me. She always has the best gifts for me.
We were prepared for the storm coming thru. Our electricity kept going in and out, this was not fun. Lots of bangs and crackles and bursts of lighting going on at bedtime.
It was a good day for me, no big thrills or anything but I was happy to be with my little chicklets and even having my big chick back home again with me. That alone is the best gift ever. Thankful for another year that was better then the last one. So this year is going to be AMAZING, I can tell already. Thanks for all your warm birthday wishes. hugs and smiles for you.


  1. i'm LOVING your birthday post. the card summer made for you is just to die for. your chicklets are so sweet!
    "way to go" from me too on your walks. goodness i cannot wait until i can have a morning walk routine...someday i won't start work at 7am.
    cute crafty things...can't wait to see what you do with the little easels!
    just love reading about your thoughts. you (like i always say) make me want to be a better mom. too often i get frustrated with them and shut down. need to smile at them more. *note to self*
    have a great week Dawn!

  2. thanks for stopping by Andrea, yes summer is my just turned 13 and has a sassy side to her now and knows we have been butting heads daily now. she is funny. thanks for the cheers on my walking, it does make me happy. you can always walk at night and destress from work. it has been a very trying time the last weeks with kids too, many time outs and phones taken away for two days for the girls. we are both great moms, it's just the kids that have the attitudes, haha. have a great week too.

  3. What a wonderful birthday you had! So happy for you! And what a great gift that Kristen was home! I am sure that was the best gift you recieved!