Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Here's my way to early riser today. She got up at 4:10 and couldn't go back to sleep. WHY DO YOU ASK???? BECAUSE THIS GIRL WAS READY FOR SCHOOL TODAY!! haha too bad she's the last one to leave, IN 4 HOURS!!! Oh man is she funny, my sweet girl and I will miss her today too. She didn't like her pictures be taken today, usually I have tons of her. She got right up and ready too, she is like me in that we are both morning people and get ready right away. The only difference is she is cranky and quiet and I love to talk and be busy. She is in 8th grade now and gets to RULE the school she says, haha told her good luck with that. Have fun today and please don't chat too much and please listen to the teachers. She is my social butterfly.
Here she is ready to go!! I have been waking her up at 5:30 for almost two weeks now getting her prepared for this early school time she has. Poor girl, she's my sleeper too. So proud of her though, never has complained and gotten up good and quiet everyday for me. Going to miss that braces smile all day!! Good luck sweetie.

Renee wrote a note to Sam telling him to have a good day. She won't get to see him in the mornings again after 8 years of seeing him every morning. Kinda sad they are all on different times this year. Sam was happy with the note from her.
Here's my freshman girl, I've been calling her that for weeks now. I love it and love her and hope all the best for her today on this important first day!! She looks so cute too I think. Hard to know what to wear but think she did good with this. See those flip flops oh man is she lucky to have those on, only in high school can you. Summer can't wait for that, she loves flip flops. Renee texted and got ready pretty quick. Her braces are killing her though, we got them tightened yesterday, poor girl. She was my only one who let me take tons of pictures today.
Sam is ready to go, got right up and ready just like always. He didn't want his pictures taken too much this morning. Said he didn't care why I wanted it. Couldn't go outside for them because it's windy and raining. He is excited to go and see his friends today. Good luck buddy.
So glad to have this picture, the last year these two will be home together. These two are buddies usually get along and are my funny ones. These two chatted in the bathroom for 15mts while Summer did her hair, so cute they are. Almost time for Sam's bus then after that Summer will leave too.
I love this picture and his new coat/shoes. Look how tall and blond he is, my sweet boy starting 4th grade already. It seems like yesterday he was going to 1st grade. Love you buddy!!
Here comes Sam!!! Hope he had a good day!!
Lucky is sooo happy to see Sam!! I think they both missed each other, Sam wanted to take him to school this morning and kept saying good-bye to him. Love that !
Renee texting me after school asking "WHATS FOR DINNER" that is so her, lol
She's home and soooo happy, look at her smile. I was mostly worried for her since it was all new. She loved it and did great and never got lost and saw tons of friends.
She had a fun language arts paper for homework. It was so fun to chat with her and her first day at high school went GREAT!! Only bad thing was her newly tighten braces hurt all day.
He was excited to see her too and she laid with him for a long time, he was soooo happy.
Here's Summer finally home!! Her bus was 1/2 hour late. He was so happy to have them all home. They talked my ear off all night till I left with Sam for soccer practice and another run to Walmart for supplies. I would say it was a great day for everyone!! It is hot and windy out and their was a gorgeous sunset again. So many mixed emotions today for me today as I sent them off and when they got home. I like that their is 3 different times so I can have one/one with each kid before and after school. For the next two days I babysit my cute cousins, ON MY OWN WITH NO EXTRA HELP FROM MY GIRLS!! Hope we all survive, haha so I may be MIA for a few days!!


  1. So happy their first day of school went well. My little Kirsten starts school in less than 2 weeks and I'm so excited/scared. Here in Canada we have Junior Kindergarten which sends our 4 year olds to school It's going to be a very long day for her.

  2. I hope everyone has a FABULOUS school year! What great pictures documenting the whole first day! Love it!