Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday and Monday Happiness in pictures!!!!

this is my FAVORITE FAVORITE picture of all, love love pumpkins. here is our first new little pumpkin. we are only getting a few more so hope these few grow good for me.
we have little and big sunflowers, they are my hubby's favorite and mine too
not sure what they are but they are so pretty and blooming big time
this is the sky/clouds to the left of me in the yard, love it
look at that beautiful sky and clouds. this is my backyard right now, love it.
this is the length of our back yard. goes all the way to the white shed on the left. Its hard to take care of all this yard, ready for a small yard
this tree always starts blooming right when school is going to start, only 2 more days!!!
sorry it's a bad photo. we took kristin to our favorite hot dog place. she loved it and so did we. they have a cool mural on the wall & under it the rules of eating a hot dog are written there
rich and I with renee and sam played tennis last night and had a blast and did better then ever. renee even wants to sign up, too bad the school already started tennis though. maybe next year

rich and renee played chess before bed last night. they are the only ones that play in our house


  1. It's so cool to see these images of your "world"! Love the sunflowers and the chess!

  2. thank you Deborah, I thought you'd like the sunflowers.

  3. OMG I love the pumpkin and those sunflowers, what happy colours they are.
    Loved the photo of the tennis racquets, I can't play for nuts... can't see the ball LOL. Getting excited about 30 days of lists but had totally forgotten about what I am doing them in so now I am in a bit of a panic. Tossing up between making my own book or just adding them to my smash journal just after my WITL stuff.
    Loved the photo's of your yard too.
    Love me :-)

  4. WHAT A YARD! gorgeous flowers, well kept and green lawn. seriously makes me want to run around barefoot and do somersaults. =)

    BTW, your photos are getting so good! love them from your perspective and you're changin up the angles...awesome!

    did you and the kids enjoy today's first day of school? wanna read all about it. we had back to school night last night and i do think this year will be much better than last year was. 4th was a tough transition year.

    enjoy the rest of your week if i don't hear from you. =) smiles and hugs!

  5. thank you so much ladies, I love these pictures so had to post them ASAP!! Going to do school ones now.