Monday, January 17, 2011

Project Life 2011....week one

Hello and welcome to my first week of Project Life 2011. I decided to start mine later since my camera and I needed a rest for that first week and other projects to finish up. So this week has some pictures some notes, etc. I love all this little stuff added up to a week about us. My favorite thing is to crop some pictures and put them where a journal card can go. I just realized my grocery list is missing, have to find it and it. So my approach to PL this year is different not even going for a picture everyday just looking at it as a week of what's going on with us. Since Sam started loving strawberry waffles for breakfast so to remember that I tore off a piece from the box and included it. I also included his pass from a early pickup at school. This year is going to be so neat to see all these little additions to the pictures.

For this first week I've included my pages in the album for you to see, this is what I plan on doing some weeks. Sorry for any glares off the page protectors, it was tricky but not too bad. There is a photo of each side then one of the whole thing. My weeks are going from Sunday to Saturday. My husband is going to do this weeks with a little thrown in from me. I also included my title page which will be changed once we have some unChristmas related photos of ourselves to put in. For now though I had my kids and hubby write a card about whatever they wanted about this year. Mine will come later as I'm adding my One Little Word to it.

To see more pictures of Project Life click on the PL button on the right side of my blog. Hope everyone is having a good week and loving their albums.


  1. The only place's that I know of that you can get the Magforms are QVC and Amazon. They are cheaper on QVC plus you can pick your colors.

  2. Thanks for letting me know, I had no idea.