Monday, January 31, 2011

Project Life Jan. 23 -30

Here is my last week of January pictures, I have to say this month didn't fly by like normal. It's been pretty slow paced around here due to some freezing temps making us stay home and enjoy each other and being warm. I'm actually ready for the snow to go away for awhile then come back in a few weeks, just miss seeing the grass and all the winter gear everyday. So for this weeks pictures which are done and in the album, hooray!! There isn't 7 days of pictures instead they are my favorite pictures for the week. The winter, snowy ones are from walking my dog around the backyard, it is so pretty and white and he loves the snow. There were so many good pictures I'm going to add a layout about this day. The other group of pictures is from my husband and I having a kid free night at home, YIPPEEE!! We had stayed in and made breakfast for dinner and played wii sports. He beat me twice at tennis and I beat him twice in bowling ( we both rocked at bowling) then we tied at baseball. It was so much fun to play with just us home. I also couldn't resist the beautiful sunrise on Sat. morning, more gorgeous then this picture looks. The best news of the week was my cousin had her baby boy on Monday and they are doing great. I'm hoping to meet him on Weds. and will post pictures of him. The other news in our album is that I've recently found a healthy kids food blog that I'm crazy about and will be sharing more about this on Wednesday. I had the kids write down some ideas for their lunches that arent' prepackaged and our fresh if possible so I included their notes in one of the picture places instead. Please come back to see more about this fun blog which is starting a new way of eating using the alphabet and fun stuff.

Ok that was a long post, sorry guys lots to talk about and lots of exciting news so go see my pictures and thanks for stopping by. To see more pictures like this click on the Project Life Tuesday button on the right side.


  1. Thanks for stopping by.

    GOLF is a super fun card should Google it. I like it because it can be played with odd numbers of people and isn't a partner game.

    Loved your snow pix...and you should definitely add some inserts. I did this week for the first time :)

  2. Hi Dawn! Thanks for stopping by. I love all your snow pictures! Can't wait to see pictures of the new baby! What is his name? Have a great weekend!