Monday, January 10, 2011

Pre project life photos

Hello, hope everyone has had a great first week of the New Year. I didn't take too many pictures, giving the camera a break from my December Daily. The pictures here are from last month and a few from this month, some crafts, homemade gifts (bird houses) cookie making finally just this past Sat. my daughter's duct tape experiments, Sam has really been into lego's and they are decorating the kitchen table still, I can't get rid of them yet. The last crafts are the snowman on canvas that we made in the beginning of December, love love them in order is mine, Renee, Summer, Sam. We gave some out and kept some for us.

I just started my PL2011 on Sunday since I took that first week off. So excited about this new album and a new year. I will post my ideas on Thursday for my project life.
After this post with the pictures is my post on ONE LITTLE WORD so please scroll down and read it then tell me what you think. Also here is some other things going on in the blogs I read if you want to check them out...
Scrapping Ali..has a whole new site called SKETCH SUPPORT instead of just one week of sketches every month, it's everyday all month long, all year long, hooray for this, check it out

eighteen25 is showing some cute Valentine ideas to make check it out
Ali Edwards.... One little word, Yesterday & Today, everyday posts are wonderful to read
These are just a few things I know going on, they are always good to check out though. Enjoy

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  1. Those Legos seem to always find their way in every nook and cranny of my house :)