Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sienna will be a big sister soon, read about it here

This little cutie below is my cousin Sienna who I babysit for a couple times a week and have been since she was 4months. She is a joy to have here and brightens up our days and gives us plenty of love, hugs, laughs, fun and a little bit of tears. Everyday she's here she has learned something new and has plays a different way with her toys. I'm so thankful for knowing about scrapbooking and getting to put all these memories in a album just for her of all the fun she has here and with her cousins. Because of her I stop and pay more attention to the little things too not just milestone firsts but the ones that really get to me & stay in my heart. This girl sees the sun rays come thru the window and plays in it, talks to it, soaks it up she has since she was tiny and rolling over better I swear she was rolling to get in the sunshine. This sweet little girl loves her books never tires of the same books, even when I surprise her with a new one, she pulls the old ones out first then reads the new one, I too love rereading my old magazines. She sits so still for me to change her diapers, dress her and comb that long pretty hair of hers, my girls never did that. This little girl loves food and has her favorites so every year I will do a page about which food is her favorite, so far it was cheerios her first year then bananas, oh man she would eat tons if I let her and for this year it's already planned but it's a secret (sorry Sonja, be patient). This little girl loves loves when her cousins come home from school and can play with her, for Summer it's giggles and swinging and flying faster faster she says but i say no slower slower and for Renee it's cuddles and books and talks,for Sam well Sam is her best buddy, she loves this boy like no other, she will follow him, talk his ear off, and rubs his hair ( my favorite about her) and runs, plays tag and laughs. So thankful for this connection between all 4 of them, so special and fun. This little girl has taught me to take pictures laying on the ground to get her best action pictures. This little girl loves loves to line up everything books, blocks, anmials anything and everything has to be lined up like a choo train track she tells me.

So why am I sharing all of this with you well some of you past readers know she's about to become a BIG SISTER and that time has come. My cousin has a planned inducement for Monday if this little baby boy doesn't come before that so I'm asking for prayers and healthy wishes for this family who is about to become a family of 4. They are the best parents to this sweet little cousin and know that their new little addition is going to make them even better and happier. Please send another prayer for sweet Sienna who we hope will be welcoming to the baby. She has been in the spotlight for over two years now and may not want to give that up yet so I wish for her to be the sweet, loving, fun, curious girl and to show her brother that ray of sunshine and share her books and share her love. I can't wait to meet this little boy and have lots of room in my heart and house for him and all the noise, wiggles, smiles that little boys make. I can't wait to capture the moments of him with Sienna and start on a little boy album. Thank you for all your good wishes and I know Sonja, Scott, Sienna will be touched also.

p.s. on another note I'm working on my projects for One Little Word hoping to post sometime this weekend or Monday. Have a great weekend.


  1. Best wishes and prayers for a happy and healthy delivery and new baby boy!

  2. Thank you so much Becki. I will pass along your prayers to them. It will be so fun to post cute new pictures of him for everyone to see and meet. Have a good weekend.