Monday, May 16, 2011

Project Life May 8 to May 14

This was such a fun week for us with Kristin home and spending time with her. So fun just to have her and San-T here hanging out. Sam loves loves having them here and especially San-T who is like a big brother to him. He played endlessly and happily with Sam. I miss them so much and can't wait till they live closer to us for more visits. I am happy to say my PL is caught up and even though I had tons of photos I decided to keep it simple, just some favorites nothing extra. I am going to include one 81/2x11 page protector though to hold
1. my mothers' day cards, one from Sam that is the sweetest and funniest and my dear hubby got me a perfect one, its gorgeous and I'm going to try and cut some of it and include it in my art journal or just paint a page with those purple/orange colors and make a MOM quote on it.
2. Renee received a letter saying she's invited for the 8th grade Honors Breakfast at the Country Club next week, so very happy and proud of her. So the letter is going in there too.
3. I also have a newspaper article about the couple Tom/Lynette from Desperate Housewives and shows their opinions on the show and a new direction their parts are going in. They have always been my favorite couple and last night they broke up and I can't believe it, so putting the article in so I can see where they are next year at this time on the show.

I also included the mother's day cards, plant and bracelet made by Sam in the photos below and my pictures are in the album and done, hooray. I'm hoping to do some extra posting this week if time allows. We are down to our last weeks of school and very busy now. Hope everyone is doing good and thank you for stopping by.


  1. You go girl, all caught up, well done. One of my favourite things about this album is being able to put extra things in. I to have put an 81/2 x 11 page protector in to hold my mothers day cards etc. I love that its all together.
    I can't believe that Tom & Lynette are your favourite couple, they are mine too. Although I haven't seen this last series so I am going to get it our on DVD one weekend and sit and watch the whole thing.
    Have a great day
    love me :-)

  2. Wow, you've had a very full week! Loving the mommy's day cards...I love the handmade stuff too! I am not looking forward to having my kids "visit" home. As annoying as they can be, I'm glad we have a long time before I give them the pink slips to their lives.
    Never did get into Desperate Housewives but seems like you really enjoy it. I know a lot of people who do...I guess I didn't care for the drama. But trust me, i got INTO the shows I really liked. My hubby and I would listen to podcasts on the show LOST so we could better understand it and talk about different theories. We're kinda nerds like that. =)
    I like your idea of the 8 1/2 x 11. I have a drawing that Marshall did with markers for the first time that I want to include. I guess I can just pop it right in there.
    I'm so proud you are still caught up on PL. I did finish March. Now I still need to organize, edit and develop April. I feel confident I can still stay within a few months of caught up.
    We are also back to stormy weather. So annoying! What happened to our sunshine?
    Hope you have a good week, my friend!

  3. Andrea, I love the homemade stuff best also. This is the first year my girls didn't make me something, they were too busy. You know what now that my daughter is older and past that teenage drama and such we get along better now and she sees things differently now. We don't have to argue over curfews and homework and friends, etc. She just comes home and we get to hang out and have fun but I still don't like her being so far away and I miss her constantly. Good thing I still have 3 more at home to keep me busy. For some reason Desperate has me hooked since the first show not sure why but I love it. This year I'm finally adding the extra page protectors and love all the extras I'm adding into our album. You should try this too. I'm happy about being caught up too, last year their were times that two months would go by and I'd have to work like crazy to catch up. This year it's more fun since I'm doing it weekly not daily and it just feels better and more important to me. Hoping to keep on it during the summer with the kids home too. Good luck on getting yours caught up. We have rainy weather still but hoping sunshine this weekend. Have a good week too.

  4. I actually felt sick to my stomach watching Tom and Lynette's marriage ending. Fun idea to include current interests like that!

  5. I can't believe Tom and Lynette! I was shocked! I also watch Brothers and Sisters and heard this week that it has been cancelled. Soooo sad about that. LOVE all your homemade gifts for Mother's Day. Those types of gifts are truly the best. Congratulations to Renee! You must be so very proud!

  6. I can't believe Tom and Lynette either. I use to watch brothers & sisters too, love love sally field but I'm so tired after Desperate that I just go to bed now. How awful if it's canceled. I will tell Renee thank you, she's so happy and proud and we are too.