Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hi everyone, it's Sunday at almost 8:00 and we have had a great two days this weekend and hoping tomorrow will be awesome as well. We have worked hard and played hard and enjoyed this heat wave we are having. It's no secret that my favorite colors are red/white/blue, love them together and what they stand for. I also love love flags and they feel like home when I see them, anywhere and any kinds. So today I decided to take some photos showing are american colors and feeling blessed for the men/women who have fought for us before and still are today. We wouldn't be here without them, so thank you to them and their loved ones who are missing them too. I hope everyone is having a relaxing, blessed, grateful day with their loved ones. I'm so thankful to be here with my husband and seeing our family tomorrow and sharing the joy of having each other and being together. To my sweet grandpa Brewster who just passed this fall we all miss you and will be thinking of you as you watch down over us. Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. Beautiful sentiments..... heartfelt and true.