Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Thought I'd share some random happy things going on here at our house. I love sitting and thinking of these things and hoping to start printing these lists and including it in our Project Life album. The first one is making most happy today and I hope by shouting it out I don't jinx it.

1. IT HAS BEEN WARM AND SUNNY FOR A WEEK NOW!! LITTLE IF ANY RAIN ONLY WARM TEMPS AND LOTS OF SUNSHINE!! Thinking my daughter brought it home with her on her visit from Florida.
2. Sam has worn shorts to school for 5 days now and he's loving it and that makes me happy.
3. of course my oldest and son-in-law coming home is the best, the post before this tells all about it.
4. My girls have new spring time clothes for school and they look so cute, they bought skirts hooray for skirts. They usually won't wear them.
5. My sweet cousins were so good while I babysat them this week, so lucky to be close with them.
6. Did I mention it's been warm and sunny and the grass is even greener the trees are filling out, the birds are singing more, the SUN IS OUT!!
7. My hubby and kids made me a mothers day banner (see post before this one) daughter was picked to go to the track invitationals and she did good.
9. my son scored a goal in about 30 seconds after starting
10.the kids have been drawing and sketching like crazy
11. bball is going on everyday in this driveway
12. there's less then a month left of school, excited and unexcited about this one
13, Renee gets her braces in 6 more days.
14. Of course I have to say it, the sun is out, the sun is out and I'm loving the warm feeling thru the windows, even the windows are open, smell that fresh air
15. volunteering at my son's school, he has an awesome teacher
I think that about covers it for now, I try to make this short and sweet because I know we are all busy bees right now. Have a great day and for my PROJECT LIFE PICTURES THEY ARE BELOW BUT NOT YET IN MY ALBUM, WILL FINISH IT TODAY.


  1. Pssst, it's me. I had to sneak in a comment to you since I was dying to hear about your week. I knew all that sunshine was gonna show up someday.
    Sounds like your week was full of yummy and heartwarming surprises. Love the pic of you with all your kiddos! (your boy (sam?) was missing right?)
    Happy spring to you!

  2. pssst, hello retro so nice for you to peek in and see my sunshine post. It has been so nice and has lifted my mood and spirits so much. I finally think spring/summer will come. My week has been so full of fun and crazyness. My daughter keeps just showing up unannounced and throws out all our plans for that week.
    Ok and to answer your question, yes Sam my son is missing in that picture because he was playing soccer right there and we were watching him. I even told my hubby to remind me after the game to retake the picture with him in it with his cute uniform. Of course we forgot, so many pictures I meant to take but didn't. So in the picture that's my daughter and her new husband my son-in-law wow it's still so weird to say that. They got married last August. You should go to my archives and look under August of 2010 to see their wedding, you will love her dress I bet. It was designed by a fashion designer and it's an original just for her. She was so gorgeous that day. Hope your doing good, thanks for sneaking a peek.

  3. Gonna check out your daughter's dress this weekend! Can't wait!

    my email is
    would love to chat with you via email too!

  4. I love your posts like this!

    p.s. I have added sooo many extra pages to my PL! Thank you for inspiring me!