Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Perfect Sunday in words only

I only took one picture today, the ducks in our back yard. The rest of the day was spent being in the moment and enjoying the kids and being home on a rainy day with them. I actually welcomed the rain this time after all the hot and sticky weather we've had. We all slept in and had a good breakfast. My new layouts and paintings are on my table to admire and be happy about. The new PL photos are on the table ready for me, I love my PL album. The kids played well together and laughed together. We lost 3 of the 4 fishes they won in Friday night's carnival and thankfully none of them got to sad or cried. Sam has a soccer game out in the wind and rain and cold and had fun. I loved watching him and remembering his first rainy soccer game when he was 4 and his face lit up at us showing us how fun and thrilling it was to get wet and keep playing. The kids and I cuddled up and ate breakfast for dinner and watched the new Justin Bieber dvd we just got. We love him and his movie, made me cry all over again. Playing balloons with Sam and 300 wishes with the girls. My hubby making 4 trips to the store for me. My hubby watching the birds in the backyard. Sunday's are my favorite day and I love it when they are good ones like today was. I can't remember what good days I had growing up or if I liked a certain day of the week so it motivates me to slow down and capture these days in writing or in photos just so we have proof of our days together. I had a nice chat with Amy from Super Healthy Kids and she is so inspiring and helpful to me and gives me so many good ideas to try. I can't wait for next Sunday to come and hope it's another good one.
I hope all of you had a good Sunday also.


  1. Thank you...
    reading this has made ME stop and think for a while about how much I appreciate the little things, and how special days are when filled with precious moments.

  2. What a wonderful feeling. You are creating such a wonderful world for your kiddos! Sundays are hard for me, I tend to get the Sunday Night Blues, knowing I have to go to work the next day. But I would say weekends in general are my favorite day of the week. I have been enjoying the hammock, the sunshine and being more motivated to work on projects.
    Sorry about your fish, but the carnival sure sounded fun! We have a small carnival that comes this weekend and I think I will take the boys. I need to spend less time on the computer too. I need to play more.
    My 9yo is one of those who can't stand Justin Bieber but I think it's really cool that you get into it with your kids. Not sure my folks ever sat and watched NKOTB videos with me...but that's okay...we have plenty of memories together!

    Oh, hey I saw this on another blog and thought maybe you'd want to do it while we wait for 30Days to come back.
    I wouldn't be able to do 1 everyday but I'd like to pick my faves and do them each week maybe. Whatdya think?

  3. My husband doesn't like Sunday's either, Monday's are the worst for him. I like them because we try to just hang out at home and my hubby is off since he works half days on Sat. so it's our only day to sleep in and make pancakes for breakfast and just be together. So far we still have one fish alive. I need to get off my computer more often too and then maybe I could get more scrapping and painting done, lol. My son doesnt' really like Justin Bieber either, for some reason the movie just got to me and love seeing him grow up with this talent. My mom never watched our shows or cared too much about our music either. It's funny I even got into the High School Musical movies too with the kids. We even had a party here for my kids and their friends for the part 2 of it. We deocrated and went all out.

    Thanks for the idea of this other blog, I will check it out and see if I can join the fun too. I'm going to be very busy the next few days so will try and look now or soon and let you know. Thanks for stopping by.