Friday, November 8, 2013

30 Days of Thankful...week 1 and AEDM day 8

Hello and Happy Friday! We've made it thru the first week of November, YAY!! I have to say it went by pretty slow for me, love when that happens. Here is my thankful for today, waking up to this beauty really sets the day off right with me. I like that there's a mix of sun, clouds and blue sky all in one. It's still like this 4 hours later, I could stare outside all day on day's like this.
I was hoping to share my first week of Project Life for November with you but it's not going so well. My ideas aren't working, my pictures didn't get ordered like I thought and I'm missing some. I have been working on it too long and finally pushed it away so I can get rethink my plan and reorder my pictures. Hoping to have it done soon but for now thought I 'd at least share the in process page.
here is the right side, the left is way off but I'd hope to have at least this side done. I'm not sure I like the white Today cards?? I didn't like that I had to cut Renee's picture with her sewing projects either. Thankful for this PL but not for the overthinking part I do sometimes. Wish me luck.
I am also linking my PL pages each week with the AWESOME Cathy  where she is sharing her thankful album and letting us link up ours. Being thankful and documenting it daily is one of my favorite parts of November, I'm thankful all year but this month I actually put it in my album. I love Cathy's style and her sense of humor and the way she keeps it real for us, she can make me laugh like nobody else can. Please stop by her blog and say hello and check out what others are thankful for right now. I will be linking my PL pages each Friday, hoping the rest will go easier then today's.
My other project near and dear to my heart are my thankful leaves. We have been doing this for 4 years now and I still get excited about it. So far everyone has done a great job doing one or more leaves a day. When we have visitors or the little ones over I have them fill one out too. Here is a look at our leaves on the kitchen door as of last night. I did two more this morning and Summer did one but they haven't been taped up yet. We are almost out of leaves, so guess what I'll be doing today.
look how awesome and filled with gratitude our first week was.
You can click on the image to read them if you'd like. Sam's are always hardest to read, he writes to light and in pencil. I love seeing these all day when I pass by or am in the kitchen. My heart does a happy dance every day!! If anyone would like to start doing these it's not too late, just start today and keep going the rest of the month. I keep my leaves right on the kitchen table so it's easy to do at dinnertime or whenever is good for you. I like that it's a family project too. Sienna and Colt are doing this at their house again this year too, YAY! Next year Colt will be able to write his own out.
I will date these and add it to the back of my Project Life album. I love going back to reread the past ones. Will show you a picture of this each Friday so you can see how awesome it is.
BIG THANK YOU for the comments and prayers from my post yesterday. You ladies are the best! I didn't do any journaling this morning, had to head right to the store and lots to do today. May take the weekend off from posting but be back here on Monday with some new art and update on PL I hope.
Today I'm thankful for...
Sam's birthday in 2 day's....YAY!!!
The sweetest cashier lady this morning
The basketball game of a friend's we went to last night
For the best blog friends a girl could ask for
For last night's yummy dinner and for dinner tonight
For Grey's Anatomy being so good last night
For Sam getting fun day at school today for having good grades
For the quiet house today before a busy and kid filled weekend
For the sibling hugs for Sam and Summer
For Renee and Sam getting along for 4 days now, YES!!
For Cathy and her clean and simple way of scrapping
What are you thankful for today?


  1. Hi Dawn ~ Thanks for visiting my blog this morning and for leaving such a lovely comment. I'm thankful for that today! :o) I love the list of things you are thankful for, and also LOVE that gratitude leaf arrangement you have going on - so awesome to teach your family the importance of focusing on gratitude. I had to smile about your Project Life because I am the SAME way about overthinking it sometimes! When I go back and look at previous weeks I'm always happy with them and forget all about the overthinking, but it's usually that way for me with the current pages that need to be complete. Have a great weekend, and I'll see you next Friday for the next link up. :o)

  2. Your leaf project is so cool. I love seeing the collection grow through the month; and what a wonderful addition to your Project Life this will be!

  3. I love the leaves and how you are arranging them. Very nice. I didn't see your link up on AEDM tonight, so I hope I just missed it. Really like your Project Life pages, too.

    I used to watch Gray's Anatomy, but after a couple of years, it was more like a night time soap than a medical type show, so I quit watching it. Glad you still enjoy it.

    I'll miss you over the weekend, if you don't have time to post.

  4. I considered doing my 30 days in PL style, but opted against it because I knew I would overthink it - I can relate! I love your Gratitude Leaves project!

  5. I love the Thankful leaves on the door Dawn. I think I too should have pasted my leaves someplace where everyone could see and read them. That sky is awesome. The colors of fire and water are all in it.The pictures have come out well . Will be back to see your finished PL pages:) Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Amazing view to wake up too!!. What a blessing. I like to wish Sam, Happy Birthday in advance ... my laptop is giving me a hard time again, not sure if I could visit again so soon. Wow, soon enough you'll have only leaves on the door by Thanksgiving!. It's awesome!. Good luck with the pictures for PL, it still amaze me the level of commitment you had put into PL, great work PL'ers everywhere!. HUGS.

  7. Awwwwww Dawn! Your thankful leaves are absolutely amazing! I am so thankful for YOU and your wonderful and inspiring blog. And that photo that you took at the beginning of your post is STUNNING! God's work in action! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend!

  8. Hi Dawn! It was fun to come over here and see you are also doing both 30 Days and Project Life! I always like meeting new project lifers :) Are you planning to include your 30 Days into your PL album? I can't decide what to do with mine. My second book for 2013 is getting pretty thick and I don't even know if I'll be able to squeeze both NOV and DEC into it.

    I love the idea of the thankful leaves, so fun and festive. What a great way to get your kids involved too. We did a banner once but I really need to get back to including my seven year old more. Gratitude is an important thing to teach one's children.