Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A perfect first day of SNOW!!

This is my peace, this little bit of nature's and gods beauty calling me and making me all fuzzy inside. My heart jumps for JOY literally and I could stand all day and look at views like this. My own little heaven right here out my back window, sigh, it  doesn't get much better then this, oh but it did today.
Today it was amazing from the moment my feet hit the floor and was thanking God already and once I peeked out the window and saw the beautiful white snow I thanked him again. I smiled big and said wait till Sam sees this. It's the perfect amount of snow which for me means YAY no shoveling.
When I got Sam up and he ran to the window to see he was smiling BIG too and said I hope it snows all day while I'm at school. I love how much he loves nature and especially snow, because of him I love it too. I also don't like it but his happy attitude about it rubs off on me instantly. My poor hubby is finally getting to where he doesn't like the cold and snow though, he likes it but doesn't LOVE IT.
I'm thankful for living in a place that has all seasons and even though this one lasts too long for me, I will be thankful anyhow and know it inspires me and the glistening of the snow will keep me warm.
Today I already planned on baking and baking I did, something for all of us. Did I mention yet that it was the perfect day?? Oh it was so perfect and so magical, everything I did that day even the chores and errands reminded me of ways to find JOY in them. All because of a little snow and pretty sunrise.
Here's my Wednesday in pictures...oh and Lucky loved the snow too
Get your boots and winter coat on and walk with me. Wish you were really here with me, I can't say enough how much I love these walks in my backyard and seeing how new it looks today. SIGH!
you know I LOVE THIS ONE!
Look at that sky and the fall leaves with snow all around. This is what makes me happy and keeps my heart warm. I can't get enough of it, went out many times just to soak it all up and because Lucky couldn't get enough of it either. I love seeing these two seasons mixed together so beautifully.
then it was back inside with more baking and kids coming home and the rush of the night. I didn't get a good picture of Sam outside but he went out and started a fort which is already melted away today. I also made such a good dinner last night, all that love I had in me was poured out into making dinner for my family. Having some baked goods and Sam's birthday cake helped too. Sam even ate all his dinner and thanked me and said IT WAS GOOD!! YES!! See I told you my day was going to be a good one. Then something else came that made it even better..... HAPPY MAIL
Look at my first postcard from the swap. Isn't it the CUTEST!! I love it so much! Can't wait to get more and can't wait to join another one. I will share them as they come in.
In other news, my thumbnail is kinda gross now, that's all I'm saying. Not sure how much painting and things I can do right now, trying to keep a Band-Aid on it to cover it up. Well when I paint I have to keep washing my hands and the paint gets in there and the Band-Aid falls off and so on.
I hope you enjoyed a peek into my day and for those of you who don't like the snow and cold I hope my pictures and thoughts will help keep you warm and I'm sending you warm and toasty hugs daily.
Have a great day, hoping to be back Friday with my Project Life post.


  1. Beautiful pictures of nature you have here my friend. Snow is pretty but I can't bear the cold winds that we have here now. I heard it is going to get worse in the next couple months. So happy to hear that you had a wonderful day. Sometimes everything falls in its own place right? Dawn I think you should show the thumb to a doctor and it is better if you don't wet it. Please take care of it. Your first postcard from the swap looks awesome. Wishing you many more gorgeous days with your family

  2. Ahhhh...thank you God for the glorious weather!!. Indeed you are so lucky to live in a place where you enjoy all wonderful seasons :). And thankful that I too, can admire them from here, my dearest friend. I love snow, maybe as much as Sam :). I don't mind the cold at all, I'd bundled up like mummies and follow along with you to the backyard :). Love the peace, the freshness and the contrast of Fall & Winter colors right there!. Did you manage to make some frosty mandala traces?. THAT would be fun :). HUGS.

  3. We got cold, frozen temperatures. You got snow. How lucky for you. Snow, a great day in the kitchen, a compliment on the meal, walks with your dog, and happy mail. What more could a gal ask for, right? Glad Sam was happy, too.

    BTW, I feel for you and your thumb.

  4. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of the snow and walk in the yard! We had less than an inch and it was gone pretty quickly.

    Thanks for coming back to my blog to explain about the 2 posts. I think I figured out what happened...You may have commented on my post before you linked up with E; and me, thinking you might not be playing along came by to say hi & saw your first post. In any case, I certainly enjoyed my two visits!

  5. Wow! Your pictures are gorgeous Dawn! Especially THAT FIRST ONE! I love how you captured the sunlight hitting the tops of the trees in the distance. I feel peaceful just looking at the photo. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh wow, snow snow snow!!!! I think I miss snow! I haven't seen one for like 3 years!

  7. Brrrrrr! Just seeing your pretty snow photos make me cold! haha! I've been living in the desert too long, I guess. I'm glad you enjoyed the day though - your photos are beautiful.