Monday, November 25, 2013


Happy Mandala Monday! For this week's mandala I asked the hubby to help me get some new goodies. We had to drive down the road where I found tons of trees with berries on them. Wish I had done this sooner, they were looking pretty smashed and squished but still worth using. Thankful Rich helped me as I wasn't going to do this alone and worry about any snakes out there. The weather was a bit warmer then it's been but we still had wind so I had to make these in the garage. I had fun making not just one but about 8 different mandalas by switching out things and because I was enjoying it. I'm going to share two of them today and use the rest to show you in upcoming weeks. Here we go...
this is the first one I made, look at those autumn berries! I even used a mum in the middle and brought my acorns back out to play with also. The background is a large white sheet of paper.
here is another fall one, more mums this time. I love that I can use the mums now, they are about done so I clipped a few before it was too late. Love making these fall mandalas and having new stuff in them this week. Really hoping I can have something to work with this winter.
Thank you to Dawn for inspiring me with her amazing beautiful mandalas!!
Next I'm sharing my T Time post early again this week, due to being busy and I actually like sharing them together. On Tuesday I will be with Renee while she FINALLY gets her braces off, YAY!! I'm so excited about it and can't wait to see her without them. It's been a long 2 1/2 years and it's finally here, so that is where I'll be on Tuesday and then kids are off for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Here is where I've been on/off this week and for 4 hours yesterday. It's a little space but was a huge mess that I can't find the before picture of. Was sure I took one but can't find it. Just imagine the tables piled high with stuff and everything under the table piled high and pulled way out with more stuff all around them. In case you miss it my green cup is there on the first table, drank some ice tea while working on this big clean up. It feels so good to have it done and to purge thru a lot of it too. After the holiday's I will be getting some storage containers and reorganizing this space to work better for me. I can't wait till Sienna sees it, she will be happily surprised and love it too.
Today I will start cleaning up my side of the kitchen table so we can all sit and eat there for Thanksgiving. This will take me a couple hours too but well worth it. Now if only I could keep these spaces neat and clean all the time. Truth be told I work and feel inspired more when it's a mess though, when it's this clean I feel like I shouldn't play or get anything out.
This past week I also watched Becky Higgins who is the creator of Project Life, she was on live for free 3 days in a row last week. I loved watching her and being inspired all over again about telling our stories and how Project Life can work for you. So happy to see this and she did GREAT!
For my American readers, Happy early Thanksgiving, have a wonderful time with your loved ones and safe travels if going out. Rich and I can't wait to cook our turkey, this is our favorite day of the year. Will try to be back on Friday to share pictures of our yummy food and day together.
Thanks so much for your visit and comments that make my day! Have a great week!
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  1. OMG~ she is getting her braces off just before Thanksgiving! that rocks!!
    I love those yellow berries, they are super. Mums are so great. I hated to see mine go. I had a "wild" mum on the side of my house this year. Orange and yellow, super pretty. I only used her sparingly in some of my last few because I didn't want to destroy her surprise beauty. I hope it comes back next year too!!
    Happy Mandala Monday to you!!

  2. beautiful mandalas Dawn You are so creative in making them with whatever nature has now. I can relate to your table and the story behind it so well. Yes, when I clean my art space and put things away I don't feel like taking them out again and creating-:)
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Will write to you soon.

  3. I'm super impressed with your mandalas. Both are stunning. They really scream autumn, too. The white background reminds me that winter is not far behind.

    Had to laugh at your comment about preferring a messy studio. That's one area where you and I are totally different. I can't work well in clutter, so I prefer to clean up after myself all the time. Sometimes I clean up right before I realize I should have left something out. But it was good to see that you had fun getting your art space where you wanted it right before the day of thanks. So, thanks for joining today's T, too.

  4. Your mandalas are amazing as usual. Love seeing these and seeing what you use to create them. WOW the braces are coming off, how exciting. Can't wait to see.
    Good on you for purging, I am in the middle of doing it too and it feels good to get it done.
    I am with you though, I tend to create better in a mess LOL.
    Happy Thanksgiving dear friend.
    Love me :-)

  5. Love your mandalas! the berries of winter always fascinate me...I always wonder what they are and why the birds haven't eaten them yet, but they do provide some lovely color. it gets gray so quickly here in Ohio when winter arrives. well done on the craft organization too...happy T day!

  6. Sweet mandalas!!. Love to see you added the berries again, they are so cute!. I'm a combination of both worlds ... I make a mess by laying things on the floor, often times they scatter around me like a perfect circle when I work on the floor!!! LOL, but, I must get them back in their proper place when finished or my cats would do some mischief or another. Happy early Thanksgiving!. HUGS.

  7. Great mandalas! And congrats on the craft room clean up and Renee getting her braces off!
    I'm the opposite. I can't concentrate to start creating if there's a mess because then all I can think about is the mess--LOL! Once I get started I spread out and have things about, but then I have to clean it all up again when I'm done. I know. OCD tendencies. ;)
    Happy T-Day!

  8. what lovely mandalas Dawn. Good for you getting your space organized- I keep putting my task off...happy T on Tuesday!

  9. I like the mandalas from nature. Organizing space always allows me to find stuff I think I lost :-)


  10. Happiest of Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours!