Wednesday, November 6, 2013

AEDM...DAY5.... ihanna postcard swap

Hello and happy Wednesday. Look what I woke up to today, so pretty! Too bad it only lasts about 5 minutes then goes away, but that is enough to make my day HAPPY!! Thankful for sunrises!
Today I'm sharing day 5 at Art Everyday Month  with Leah and lots of others linking up each day. I love going thru the blog links and seeing all the different ways everyone is creating daily. So inspiring and filled with color and fun for all. Thanks Leah for hosting this challenge!
I have joined a postcard swap for the first time and started on it today. The host for this is Hannah at she does this a couple times a year and I signed up just in time for this one. All you do is make 10 postcards any way you want and mail them to the 10 address that Hannah emails to you. They are due out by November 14 and I'm sure to be done by then so I can mail them on time. Here is a peek at what I started with, seems the colors match the sunrise today a bit too, YAY!!
here are my supplies. My plan is to paint a big poster board and cut it up into 10 postcards. She has this idea on her blog which also came from another blogger (sorry don't have her link) and it seemed perfect for me. Once it's done I will flip it over and cut the postcards without worrying how it turns out. See this is me being VERY BRAVE!! Wish me luck!
here is the first layer and a bit of paper second layer. LOOOVE THIS!!
here is another peek with some washi tape and marks by bubble wrap. I will work on this more tomorrow and show you the results and the cut up postcards when done. EXCITED!
This is my prayer page for today. I played around with it this morning. I want to do prayer hands, tried and wasted 10 pieces of paper and couldn't figure out how. So just pretend they are together. I don't like the way I did the wording, maybe it should have all been done on one hand?? It's suppose to say Pray Together... Matthew 18:20.... I prayed for many today and want the power of prayer to work on these dear people in my life and many that I don't know. Power of Prayer!!
Thanks so much for the wonderful comments yesterday!! So nice to read them!
I will see you again tomorrow with more art and on Friday will be sharing my first week of thankfulness in my Project Life pages. Sorry no pictures of our leaves today. HUGS!


  1. Hi Dawn! Soo much goodness here! Where do I begin? Your postcard swap is looking fabulous!!! I love your abstract painting - those colors are scrumptious! Can't wait to see how they turn out! I love your art journal too - the hands look great just as they are, and the wording too. Love it. Your sunrise is positively WOW! Your posts always inspire me!

  2. Dear Dawn. I'm so excited to hear this postcard swap that you have joined . Your idea is evolving very well. Waiting to see them finished. I feel hands that you have drawn is also looking great. I am Thankful for friends like you who find time to think and pray for others.

  3. What a beautiful sunrise!

    I like the idea of taking a larger poster board and then cutting into the individual postcards. It will be neat to see it once it is all finished.

  4. I'm incredibly late today. It's almost time to link up again, and I'm just now getting to your post. I've seen that done before where you turn the page over and cut the pieces. Serendipitous, that's for sure. I look forward to seeing how they turn out. It's good that you took the plunge to do this swap, too.

  5. Oh how gorgeous!!. I can see how you were inspired by the sunrise, and put it down on paper!! LOVE the free flowing colors and marks on your page! WOW. Yes, I do believe in the power of prayer, it goes out with the speed of light to Creator, angels are bringing each prayer up as you're making them and you'd just knew they are heard. HUGS.

  6. Such a wonderful idea and I LOVE your art work! Thanks for the prayers. Lifting you and your family :)

  7. So glad my postcard cutting idea is hitting home with you, your postcards will be fab!

  8. I love my postcard even more now that I see your technique. What a fantastic idea. I am happy I received one of yours.