Tuesday, November 5, 2013

T stands for new Tea and new T cup....AEDM day 5

Hello and Happy T Time on Tuesday! Today is all about my new mug from Dawn, we exchanged tea cups this week, you can read the story behind it in my post below. I wanted to share it again today with new pictures of it. Here we were sitting outside Sunday enjoying the beautiful clouds and blue sky, isn't it awesome and see those fall colors in the way back. It has been gorgeous sky days lately. I love my new mug, fits right in your hand and has my favorite color on it, YAY!! She even included two new teas for me to try, remember I'm a Lipton only tea girl. So yesterday I tried the first one and
it was different but good. I tried the Arizona Ginseng & Honey, sorry the picture here cut it off. I didn't expect the white tea, so used to my brown tea. Drank the tea while working in my prayer journal/bible reading and Woman's bible study homework. The lesson was a good one for why we exchanged our tea cups. We are studying Peter and learning to turn the cheek, not pay evil for evil and to pray for that person instead. Dawn did a great job of this when her husband's wallet was stolen then returned empty. She reached out to us asking us to do something good for a stranger, a random act of kindness to show there is still good in the world. This is why our cup exchange took place. Thank you Dawn  for being such a good person and leading others to follow you this way. Thank you for my beautiful mug which I will always treasure. The tea warmed me and my heart!!
Here you see the mug I drew on my journal page and my written out prayer with words over it. I enjoyed this page so much, really spoke to me and what I was feeling at this time.
later I decided to add some color to it and love how it turned out. I like the message on it too and is what I teach my kids, they hear the saying " two wrongs don't make a right" to walk away and be the bigger person. I'm teaching this all over again with these two little ones below too.
Look how sweet they are, playing sleepover and pretending to be on a computer. They had moments of fighting, pushing, pulling and me telling them to walk away and to be nice to each other or walk away. Then these sweet moments happen and they are best buddies again, laughing and playing like nothing happened. Sigh. I love these moments and luckily they have more of these then the other kind. This is my thankful picture today, thankful for being able to watch them and to have little ones in the house again. Thankful to watch them grow and to be friends with Sonja, very blessed to have them in my life and the changes that it has brought to my life, all for the better !!
Thank you for the comments on my post yesterday, love reading them. Renee has also said thank you again for your comments on her sewing projects, she was so happy you enjoyed them.
I'm sharing this post with Elizabeth  because that's the place to be on Tuesday sharing what's in your cup and going on for you today. I love visiting there each Tuesday, stop by and say hello.
Also happy to be sharing at Leah's  where we are sharing something creative everyday this month.
I will do my best to make the rounds at both places, the kids are off today so will check back in when I can. If not today then tomorrow. Have a great day everyone, HUGS!!


  1. I love that mug, I think it suits you perfectly! I am happy you tried the new tea. I know you have your favorites but it is nice to break the pattern every now and again. I tried to pick a couple that weren't to far out of your wheel house, lol
    I am so happy we did this, you don't even know-- I get all giddy and warm just thinking about it. I have a full morning so will post an afternoon tea later today. Happy T to you Dawn

  2. Hi Dawn - what a fabulous outlook you have - in both mind and sight - that view is so soothing... Happy T Day - Mxx

  3. Beautiful mug--I like the shape and the flower is cheerful. All the more special as it was given to you as a gift.

  4. I love the mug and your drawing of it too.
    The story behind the gift exchange is sad but sweet.
    I am grateful for Tuesday Tea and I have been enjoying getting to know you.

  5. Great post this week!! Love the new mug.

  6. What a lovely post. The entry in your gratitude journal is stunning. You draw SO well. And of course, the quote is right on track, since I am so well aware of what happened to the other Dawn's husband. Like you, I think the coloring adds an entire new dimension to the pages today. Beauty to behold!!

    Thanks for sharing T today, and yes, I was surprised when I saw the journal page. Didn't need to act, either. Just delighted to enjoy.

  7. Lovely post - sad and sweet at the same time (your new mug is wonderful). Enjoy seeing your gratitude journal.

  8. Your drawing of the mug is spot on and that little touch of colour lifts the entire page beautifully. Great sentiment too... will have to try harder in the future to follow it.

  9. aw, lovely....tea cup but even lovelier munchkins! Happy T Day!


  10. Lovely cup and reflections on scripture...what a privilege and joy to be shaping little lives such as these! happy T day!

  11. Sweet mug and sweet kids! :)
    Happy T-Tuesday!

  12. Fun that you did a tea cup exchange. I gratitude journal is a wonderful idea!
    Happy Tuesday....a day late!

  13. Dawn, love your verse and the tea cup sketch. Doesn't color give a lot of life to a sketch? Your Thankful photo of Colt and Sienna is my favorite.

  14. Really lovely post. Love your tea mug. Had to laugh about your being a Lipton girl-it's the only tea my hubby will drink. I'm the one who has boxes and boxes of different herbal teas :)

  15. Happy T Day Dawn, sorry its a bit late, I am only just getting time to visit everyone. This is such a pretty cup and what a great idea. I am loving your journal too, very inspiring.
    love me :-)