Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mandala Monday and T on Tuesday rolled into one

Hello and Happy Mandala Monday, I'm posting early due to being busy tomorrow. Remember the snow from last week,  it was the perfect background for my RED goodies. I had to work fast because the snow was melting and the wind was blowing and Lucky was with me. I'm sorry this isn't the best, but still wanted to show it. I love how pretty the red is against the white, kinda excited now to do some snow mandalas. I also used some acorns leftover from a month ago, just to add a little something to the red. Yesterday my hubby and I went driving just so he could help me get some fall goodies to use on my upcoming mandalas. The wind is really strong here, had to make them in the garage, not as much fun doing them that way. Will be sharing one of those next week for you.
Thanks so much Dawn for inspiring me with yours, love doing these each week.
I'm linking up early for my T on Tuesday post now too. Below is my beverage for the week..
yep, it's not in a mug or cup or bottle but in the birthday cake Sam picked out. Does this count Elizabeth, thought this was funny when he came home to tell me he saw it and wanted it. I wasn't going to try it but tried a bite and really liked it. We all agreed it didn't taste like 7UP but was light and refreshing, reminded me of upside down pineapple cake. Next year he wants to try the orange CRUSH version, we just might have to I told him. Leave it to Sam to find a weird birthday cake.
We dug out the outside Christmas lights yesterday before the big rain and wind got worse. Sadly, hardly any of them worked. They didn't seem to make these lights to last long. I swear every 2/3 years we have to go out and buy more. We are hoping it will be nice during Thanksgiving and give it another try with new lights. Does anyone else put up lights? If so how long do yours last?
Thanks for the visits on my last post and sorry for the confusion last Tuesday when I posted twice in the same day and you visited me twice. THANK YOU, was nice of you and sorry for any trouble.
Hope everyone had a good weekend, ours has been nice except for the wind and rain.
To see more beautiful mandala's please visit Dawn
and linking up with Elizabeth for T Stands for Tuesday
Thanks ladies for letting us share the fun with you!


  1. Dawn. I don't like the cold Brrr. Lol I loved ur mandala though. And as for lights sorry not sure. You can turn em in at Lowes or home depot I think as an exchange but we get some buy new each year I think. If stored indoor or outdoors in garage ?? Hmm if so put in attic cubbyhole see if does better next year my turn , will need help as I don't go high enough on ladders .. :-)

  2. Hi Dawn! Thanks for sharing your beautiful mandala with us! We are having strong winds, too. They woke me up last night!!! And you are certainly right about the Christmas lights - they don't last long, do they?

  3. Hi, Dawn :). I'm so glad that you don't live in the tornado alley!. I woke up yesterday and first thing I saw in Yahoo news was the aftermath photos. Scary thing. Yeah, I love fairy/twinkle lights though they never last more than a couple of years. When I was a kid, they made everything to last forever :). I never saw/tasted 7-up cake, I'm intrigued.

    LOVE your snowy mandala!. I'm smiling cause it makes me think of Jack Frost :). I hope you have a great day tomorrow, stay warm. HUGS.

  4. I love the holiday feel of your mandala! those berries are the bomb!
    7up cake is so good-- I love having it for breakfast sometimes.
    Happy Mandala Monday and T to you

  5. Love those leaves on the snow, very pretty. All those leaves, berries and acorns are great for sketching. These flavored cakes are new to me.Thanks for sharing it here. We just hang lights on our Christmas tree and my experience is that even the brand new ones will have one or two damaged bulbs-:(
    Have a great Monday

  6. Love the red leaves on the white snow! As much as I dislike snow, it made me smile, thank you! We got out yesterday and put out our spot lights and greens, it was all I could do to stop Paul from putting up the tree! :) today's happy thought is the oven is on and banana bread is baking. Warms up the whole house.

  7. The red really POPS in the snow. The snow made an excellent backdrop for this beautiful mandala. And of course, I love that you had snow, something I have yet to see this year.

    I see a sweet theme going on this T Tuesday. I've never heard of a 7-up cake, but it looks really good and I LOVE pineapple upside down cake. I also love the clever take on your drink this week. To me, that's what this T day is all about.

    Glad you joined both events this week, dear.

  8. I forgot to mention. I have no outside electrical outlet in the front. When I redid my laundry room/pantry a few years ago, I ran two electrical lines outside for lights and plug-ins. Unfortunately they are in the back. I have yet to try to install an electrical outlet in the front porch. And yes, the "I" truly means I (grin)!!.

  9. The contrast of the red berries and leaves against the snow is really lovely and goes to show that mandalas are an all year thing if you want. 7Up cake... I suppose it would be lemony and not too sweet, so quite a good choice!

  10. Wow, I never heard of 7 Up cake. Intriguing! I bet it has a light, airy texture, because of the bubbles/carbonation in the 7 Up.

  11. Hi Dawn, I love your autumn mandala, so beautiful. Nature has so many beautiful finds if you take the time to watch.
    I love putting up Christmas lights in my room when it's getting darker during Autumn and when it's not yet time for Christmas decor. Gives such a happy warm glow and welcoming sight.
    Wishing you a beautiful day, hugs

  12. WOW! What a gorgeous Mandala, love the snow for the background. Your colors against it really pop.
    I am one that has had 7UP cake and yes I did like it.
    We used to string up lights every year until the boys grew up and moved out. Now I just do garland and lights around the front doors. Sad to say our neighborhood has darkened over the years. Years ago ALL the houses had lights and when we turned the corner to come down the street they looked like they were all hooked together!
    So glad to hear you were not in the tornado zone. We lived in a tornado zone when I was a kid, and all the pictures bring back that horror to the pit of my stomach!

  13. Your red and white mandala is very striking and lovely! Red and white are the main colors in my Christmas decorating, so now you are getting me 'in the mood...' Yummy looking cake too--there seems to be a sweet theme this week, and I didn't get the memo! lol. Happy Tuesday!

  14. What a beautiful mandala, the picture would make a nice Christmas card. I've heard of a 7up cake but never tried it. Let us know how the Orange Crush goes. I think a hint of orange in a cake sounds good.


  15. Your red and snow white mandala is splendid dear Dawn = so very pretty!
    What a unique and interesting cake...sounds yummy!
    Best of luck with your lights...they sure do make things twinkle and shine, but can be a lot of work when they won't cooperate!
    Wishing you a Happy T Day...

  16. I've never seen a 7up cake before. I bet is was awesome!!! Happy Tuesday!

  17. P.S. my husband's great aunt used to make Coca-Cola cake! Chocolate cake with Coke in 7-up cake is probably just as good!

  18. Dawn, your red mandala on the snow is awesome! What an unusual cake--I've never seen anything like it--glad it was enjoyed!

  19. I had to stop by this morning after reading your comment. I laughed with joy about the "built in cabinet." I built it myself one weekend because when I moved into the house, there was only empty wasted space. It's sort of built in, because I built it on site. But for the most part, it's free standing.

    I've never owned a camera with a lithium battery charger before. All my other batteries were NiCad, and it was easy to pop a couple out and put new in, then pop them in the charger. I use NiCads in all my appliances that use AA or AAA batteries. I don't believe in single use batteries, even in my clocks, my mouse and keyboard, and . . . . .well, you get the picture. However, I wasn't sure or even aware that I could or should recharge the Lithium battery while it held a partial charge. I guess I need to learn more about this new battery that I'm using. And yes, I have taken a LOT of photos. Over 3800 since I bought the camera.

  20. Hi again Dawn!! Just stopping by to say hi and to tell you that I forgot to say how ingenious I thought your use of the beverage is! You ROCK, girl! Hope you are having a good Friday, my sweet friend!

  21. Always like your mandalas. Never heard of cakes with pop in them. I don't put up outside lights, but my inside ones last for years and years. :) Happy late T-Day.