Sunday, November 3, 2013

Art Everyday 3

Hello and happy Sunday and day 3 of Art Everyday Month (AEDM)! I first want to say THANK YOU for the comments yesterday and for those who left a comment on what they are thankful for, LOVE THIS! I had fun visiting the blogs yesterday, thanks for the tips on how you ladies try to read them all, great ideas and will use them too. Rich and I forgot about turning the clocks, ha so I was up pretty early today, that hopefully gives me enough time to visit everybody, YAY!!
Here are the thankful leaves for me and the girls. The boys did theirs later after I took a picture. I'm glad some of you are playing along with this idea or your own thankful idea. Any way you do it is awesome, looking forward to seeing what you do and share. Please feel free to share here too.
here is my thankful picture of the day for Project Life. Renee finally made it into Life Skills at school. We've tried for 2 years and this year she got in. Seems this is the class all the kids want to take so you just have to wait till it happens. YAY!! She just finished the sewing part of it and next goes money management then COOKING!! She made these 3 things plus two more not shown here. She struggled a lot with the sewing in the beginning but each day got better. Now of course she can do it and it's over. She made some of these for herself and for her siblings, YAY!!! GO RENEE!
Here is my prayer journal page. It is the song we've been singing in church and I LOVE IT! Some music can move me so much and I tear up easily when hearing it. This is one of those songs. I do have other ideas using my hand in my journal so hope you won't get tired of that. My brave color is purple so you might see that a lot too. I journaled inside the hand and liked it. Keeping these pages done quickly, trying not to stress or overthink. Giving myself about 15mts and saying done.
Thank you for all the positive feedback on my pages so far, it REALLY is helping me to keep going.
Thank you Leah for giving us this place to share each day in November and to push us into creating daily or when it works for us. To see Leah's blog and others doing this please visit her at
Create Everyday thank you again Leah!
I want to say a BIG thank you to a few readers of mine. They mentioned me in their blogs or are joining in on being thankful with me this month. Please visit them and say hello, you will love what they've shared I promise. I've known them for a couple years now and wouldn't be here without them.
Michelle Tracey  Susan thank you ladies for your friendship and inspiration!
Happy Sunday and HUGS!!


  1. And we want to send you a big thank you, too, Dawn! You are the nicest and most wonderful person! I always love visiting your blog! I get uplifted and inspired every single time. Your projects and photos are always amazing. This post is no exception. I love your art for today! And I forgot to turn the clocks back yesterday, but luckily, my inner clock got me up this morning! And a great big congrats to Renee! WOOHOO!!!!! Oh, I wanted to let you know that I am so thankful that my sister is home from the hospital! We are going to see Josh Groban today in Philadelphia, and she feels well enough to attend. Thank you, God!!!!!
    Take care, my sweet friend! I hope you have a great rest-of-your-Sunday!

  2. You have a LOT of fans in blogland. I was blown away when I read how you inspired someone to join AEDM. That's a great way to pay it forward.

    Your leaves are coming along. I enjoy reading them each day. Your "wall" of leaves will be quite full when you are finished with November.

    Renee looks like a skilled seamstress. I can't believe she made that bear. I was FORCED to take sewing in high school when my backward principal wouldn't allow me to take auto shop or woodworking, even though my Grandfather (Grands raised me) talked to the principle and told him I always helped when he worked on his cars and how I had (a couple of summers before) helped lay a tongue and groove floor. The only option open was sewing and I hated it. I've never liked to sew. I made such a mess of a double plaid wool skirt, I had to buy more fabric and start over. My Grandfather said I should take lessons from Grams, but she always sewed on an old treadle machine I still have. And she did mostly hand sewing, too.

    Now you know why I would NEVER in my wildest dreams call myself a seamstress. I never cut fabric, only tear it. I don't use any patterns, and sew wonky lines that compliment my art quilts. But Renee is a REAL seamstress and it appears, a good one, too. Big kudos to her. I'm thrilled and totally understand how she would be such a blessing on this 3rd day of AEDM.

  3. Another lovely post, Dawn. Congratulations to Renee for getting into the Life Skills class. I love all the soft toys she made....very clever. Back when I was in school, we called it Homecraft A and was for cooking, the other was for handicrafts like sewing. I loved all the homecraft classes and I learned a lot about sewing which I put to good use over the years.

  4. Imagine my eyes lighting up when I open your blog and read Summer's blog. I feel personally loved :) I am thankful for the time I got out at camp this weekend. God is found just everywhere there! Have Summer check out my FB page. There is a pic of our chapel. Looks quite different in the fall.

  5. Did she make that little penguin? that thing is adorable! Man, she has got talent! Congrats to Renee!
    I turned my clock but was up at my "normal time" which ended up making me look insane because it was 4:30 with the time change. O well. It will even itself out tonite, I am sure.

  6. Your daughter is very talented! I think she must have got it from you.

  7. Thank you ladies for your comments here and especially for the ones about Renee. She was touched to hear all your great comments.

  8. Wow! Everything about this post rings with love and gratitude! This morning my son and I were at McDonald's for breakfast and we said, "These people must have forgotten to change their clocks! I love how you use your prayer journal to create art. Your message made me smile!!

  9. Congrats to Renee who made it into Life Skills program. Wow! her crafts look sooo good. I think she has a great creative talent in her. Your friendship means a lot to me too and I'm so thankful that we have met through this artsy world. Your positive and happy spirit bring in a lot of cheer to others my friend.