Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mandala Monday....AEDM.... DAY 4

Hello and Happy Monday!! This is the view I took Sunday morning, will never get tired of this and am so thankful for the beauty of nature. Just a look out my backyard to see the golden sunlight and amazing clouds. Even better is when it happens on Sunday's, I LOVE SUNDAY'S!!
Today my post has a few extra in it, on Monday's it's Mandala time and I love sharing these each week. Lucky for me I stumbled upon Dawn's  blog one day and found these beautiful mandala's and I've been hooked on them for a few months now. Dawn and I have also just exchanged our first HAPPY MAIL, soooo thrilled that we did this. We wanted to have something to remind us that there is still GOODNESS and POSTIVE people in this crazy world. Guess what we sent each other??!!
Look at this beautiful tea cup, it has BLUE on it, YAY!! Inside is two packs of new teas to try, Elizabeth act surprised when you see this again on Tuesday (grin). I love this mug and look at that sweet card she found at the thrift store too. She also shared a beautiful ATC card with me, it has our initial on it, this is extra special. Too make this even sweeter there was candy for the kids in the box too. Dawn, thank you soooo much for this special happy mail. I am one lucky girl to have found you and see your beautiful attitude towards life and nature and goodness. Hope we do this again!
here is my Monday Mandala for you today, another fall one. What I like is the bits of summer used in this one too. I used all sorts of things found in the garden, ditch, our new mums and acorns. I can't thank Dawn enough for showing me another way to enjoy natures beauty. Come by her blog to see what she made this week. Now on to my thankful leaves for today....
LOVE these!! You can't read Sam's but it says God and everything he made for us.
Here is today's prayer page on the left and a blessings on the right. I didn't use paint this time, just a quick colored pencil and crayons. The writing underneath is becoming my favorite part, almost think I need a bigger journal for it. The left I knew I wanted a face and just went for it, what you see is what you get. This is a page for my dear friend Susan who has a friend who isn't well. Keeping her and the family here in my prayer. The right side is a blessings page for me that I wrote out and wanted something simple on it. It was just what I needed. Hoping this stays a habit even after November is over, love this so much. We forgot to set the clocks back and so I've been up since 4:00am, so funny that we forgot this year. Thankful for this extra time in my day though.
Sorry for the longer post today but had to share all these wonderful things with you.
Thank you for the new readers that have been coming by, so glad your enjoying my thankful posts.
See you again tomorrow, have a wonderful day!


  1. Another lovely mandala, thanks for sharing! Happy Monday too!

  2. Hi Dawn,I could never tire of that gorgeous view either :)
    How lovely that you can exchange mail with your new found Blog buddy-it's lovely when you meet new friends who have the same outlook on life as yourself ;)
    Lovely Mandala and the thankful leaves are such a great idea.
    Have a lovely day,sending hugs to your poorly friend :)
    Nessa xxx

  3. What a gorgeous view! I would love to see that every day. I love your nature mandala.

  4. That is a great landscape. I love it when the clouds have a tinge of darkness to them against all that eye popping color of the fall trees. Just beautiful.
    I love that mug. You must know this. I stood there with it in my hands for the longest time thinking to myself, this cup feels perfect. I could imagine it with some warm tea in it and how cosy it would really feel then. Ahhhh
    Great mandala bringing the two seasons together. Even though it feels really cold out there some mornings, I still feel some summer peeking its head around the corner every now and again, sad to take its leave.
    Happy Mandala Monday beautiful soul sister! Have a fantastic day

    1. Dawn, it's so fun sharing our cups today, so glad we did this exchange!! Thank you for the lovely post on my mug for you. HUGS!

  5. what beautiful scenery -- the clouds! Your new mug is perfect for you (blue). Lovely mandala. Happy AEDM!

  6. Your Sunday photo has come out awesome. I love Nature pictures too.Your Happy mail looks fabulous Dawn. That mug looks very pretty and that ATC with your initial is beautiful. Fall colors are my favorite and I can see them on the mandala.Dear friend Thank you so much for taking time and praying for my friend. It means a lot to me. She is on the process of recovery and I believe it is the result of the prayers of so many people.
    Love and Hugs

  7. I feel like I just got a wonderful eye full of Autumn with the pretty colors here!

  8. This is possibly my favorite photo ever of your yard and ditch. The atmosphere, the cloud formations, the way the sunlight and shadows played across the ground are superb.

    Your mandala is sensational. You always come up with a beauty, even if you had to stand on your chair to get a photo of it. It's a real beauty.

    Of course, I promise to be surprised tomorrow when you show the mug, again, too. It's a beauty, as is the one you sent Dawn.

    Your autumn leaves and prayer pages are lovely. I really like the butterfly, too. I like how the words are hard to see, yet convey the meaning. That butterfly is so symmetrical. What a great job using those pencils and crayons.

  9. That is the most beautiful view I've seen today!!. Ohh happy day. I want to just lie down on the grass and watch the sky!. Cute mug :). We have many great flavored tea here in KL, but of late our mailing system got so bad, I've been missing all my international mail/packages and I just hope this end soon so I could send you something too :). LOVE your mandala, pretty leaves :). HUGS.