Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mandala Monday...clouds...birthday...AEDM

Happy Mandala Monday! I'm happy to be sharing this pretty little summer mandala, made this one back in August. I can barely remember summer anymore, time is flying by. These are bits of my leftover birthday roses I got from Kristin, really loved those roses. The pinks and orange are so pretty together and little leaves are so cute. This was made on my table cloth, love seeing the white too.
Sharing my mandala today with the sweet and inspiring Dawn at girl unwinding  so  happy I found her blog and was inspired to make these too. Stop by and check out her mandala too.
Look at these AMAZING clouds from yesterday. OMG, I can't get enough of clouds, love seeing them every time. They were long stripes of them in the sky, SO COOL!! God was showing off !
Here is the birthday boy, he turned 12 today. He had a GREAT day!!
I'm thankful for this one and only boy of mine, ALWAYS
I'm thankful he was born in the fall, my favorite season
I'm thankful he has 3 big sisters that take care of him and love and act like his mom
I'm thankful for his quirky ways and funny thoughts
I'm thankful he loves to get hugs and to be tucked in
I'm thankful the Church Praise Choir stood up and had everyone sing to him at church today
I'm thankful he is healthy and growing slowly but surely
I'm thankful I get to be his mom, SO THANKFUL
I'm thankful he is only 12 this year, sigh
I'm thankful he adds noise to this house even if it's too loud for me at times
Thank you Sam my Man, love you and Happy Birthday !!
Thanks so much for the comments below. I am happy to say my PL page worked out, will be sharing that and other fun weekend stuff on T on Tuesday with Elizabeth. YAY!!
Have a great day !
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  1. A birthday rose mandala! what a great remembrance of a wonderful day. When those chilly winds blow and the trees turn bare, it is hard to recall those hot days of summer. But thankfully they come again~
    Happy Birthday to your son, 12! wow (my baby will be 18 in February, yikes)
    Happy Mandala Monday!!

  2. I couldn't find your blog post at AEDM, so came here directly. I must be BLIND. I remember the lovely roses you got on your birthday, and this mandala is perfect for this ugly weather we're having or about to have. I really like the symmetry of this one, and the rose petals are so pretty and fresh in this photo.

    Wish Sam a belated happy birthday. He looks so happy in the photo, even if he didn't get the "S" word for his birthday. At least the clouds look a bit like snow.

    I'm posting very soon for T today, so if you have time to create your T post now, you can do that, too. Then it will be posted by the time (or long before) you go to Bible Study. Happy Mandala Monday and now I'm back to creating my T post (grin).

  3. That mandala is very pretty, especially the middle part with both the orange and pink petals combined together. The Birthday boy looks so happy. Seeing that big grin I can understand that he had a wonderful day yesterday. Your sky picture is stunning my friend, really beautiful. Hugs Susan

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your rose mandala!! Happy Birthday, Sam :). It's amazing to see the gorgeous clouds, God is indeed the greatest artist!. More special when that happened on Sam's birthday (?), even when it didn't snow :). HUGS.

  5. Hi Dawn - lovely mandala - pretty colours - have a great week - Happy T day - Mxx

  6. Happy birthday and what a gorgeous cloud formation you captured.
    Bridget Larsen
    T for Tuesday participant

  7. Those clouds look fabulous, hope it was nice weather too! Happy Birthday to your son and love the rose mandala.

  8. The rose mandala is stunning! Roses are one of my favorite flowers. Happy Birthday all around and Happy T Day!

  9. What a sweet mandala! Happy birthday to everyone!

  10. Those clouds are something else!
    I thought I left a post, but maybe I didn't.
    Happy birthday to your son!

  11. Love that. He got one wish his Xbox. Guess $$ was a better idea. Love your thoughts. Many prayers to u