Monday, November 11, 2013

Time for T on Tuesday's or is it Monday?!!

Hello and Happy T time on Tuesday, a little early. Elizabeth is posting early today and since I'm busy tonight and tomorrow now is a good time for tea or in my case something new. I saw this pack on one of the readers at Elizabeth's last week, hope this was the right flavor and sorry can't remember who it was. I decided to buy it and have it just for my post today. This is one of my cute little snowman mugs I got years ago. Usually the kids use them but I pulled it out today to share with you. The hot cocoa was pretty good, not to minty which is a good thing for me. Thanks to whoever it was that had this last week. I also bought one more flavor, will share that one another week.
Today I have a little bit of everything to share with you, YAY!!
First up is my PL page from the other day, it wasn't working out the way I had planned but after playing around and walking away a couple times and buying ink for the computer it is done.
here is the finished page. My issues were first with the photos, somehow I didn't order the right ones then I still did them wrong and had to many to choose from. I also wasn't sure about the journal cards, these are available for download at Cathy Z. blog and so I bought ink and printed them out. I do like that this way, I can write down three things for each day. The whole left side is about me for this week and the right side is just my thankful pictures and thoughts. It's kinda jumbled but I'm just saying it's done and turn the page. You can click on the image to see it better.
Next up is the postcards for the swap I joined, YAY!
here are 9 out of the 12, LOVE them! I added some stickers, stamping, rub-ons and tried to just leave them be. The more I did or want to do the more I was trying to hard. So here the are, full of color and love and ready to be mailed out tomorrow. I addressed them and today will add a few words, still not sure what to say on them. I have a favorite one here and when I showed the girls they picked the same one as my favorite without knowing what mine was. Can you guess? Do you have one?
I did like doing the postcards this was and will do this again for sure. What a surprise each one was when I turned them over after cutting them out, so fun!
Sam and I went to a friends house to rake leaves. We did this years ago and were happy to do it again. See when you live without trees in your yard you appreciate them more and look forward to raking when given a chance. Of course, there will be lots more raking for this family before the last leaf has finally fallen. Thankful for my friend and for Sam coming with me.
When we got home the clouds/sky looked like this at our house. I can't tell you how amazing this was, truly amazing and breathtaking. Rich was already out there admiring it and I joined him to get some pictures. I've never seen the sky this way, pretty sure anyhow. No fluffy clouds or gray clouds. Nope there was strips of them and seemed to last forever and peeks of blue and sunshine thru them. Oh man, this is one reason I'm glad not to have trees in my yard like my friends. You can's get this view from her yard, yet she has beautiful trees that give shade and blocks the wind and gorgeous leaves. Either way nature's beauty is all around us in different ways, YAY!!
I am also thankful I took a picture on my phone of the yellow trees on my street, now they are bare and the wind has taken most of our leaves with it. Sad to it's almost over.
Sam celebrated his 12th birthday yesterday! It was a great day all day for this boy! You can read more about it on the post below. He had saved up all summer for an X-box and thanks to getting some birthday money, he is thrilled to finally have it. Thought he'd have to wait till Christmas.
Here is wearing the new pj's pants I got him and his new well earned and waited forever and saved every dollar and cent and kept hoping and telling everyone how badly I want an x-box. Yes, he is happy and now will never be seen again due to being zoned out in front of it.
here is something else I worked on since yesterday. My intro page for December in my Project Life. Some years I do a mini album just for this month. It's a huge and much talked about project by Ali Edward's and many scrappers. This year I'm keeping it simple and just using my PL to document the magic and fun that December brings. The colors here are what my theme is for our home so I used them here too. They will be green, red, brown with pops of white and gold. Hoping to do everything homemade and nature related, might even get our first REAL tree in over 10 years. I'm most excited that Kristin is home with us this time. Usually she can only squeeze in a quick trip here and it's rushed so fast we can't enjoy it. This time we can slow down and enjoy the whole month.
Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it all. The cold weather is here and hints of snowing coming overnight are in the air. Sam might just get his other wish, just a bit late.


  1. Guess I didn't see who had the cocoa last week, or if I did, I can't remember. I know it was still too warm for hot cocoa, but tomorrow things will change dramatically, that's for sure.

    How sweet that Sam got his X-Box. I bet he is over the moon with happiness. Reminds me how I've asked for a gelli plate for three years and no one has taken me seriously.

    I like how your lovely PL pages turned out this week. They are fantastic.

    Happy that you shared your T day today, too.

  2. Happy Monday! Heck, Happy T Day...cuz it's already Tuesday somewhere in the world, right? :) You have a great post here, full of all sorts of interesting things. I was blown away by that cloud picture. I have never seen the sky like that, either. How cool!

  3. I LOVE watching clouds, and this one was very special indeed!. I have seen it one morning here, and then they turned into fish-scale like :). I feel so blessed, as if the heavens are watching out for me :). I love you took Same out to rake some leaves!. That'd be fun!. HUGS.

  4. Love those amazing clouds! Your post cards turned out gorgeous Dawn! They are all so beautiful and colorful. If I had to pick a favorite I think it would be the happiness one or the dreamer one, but they are all just gorgeous. Your PL spread turned out great, and I love the way you did three thankful things on those cards. Have a great week!

  5. Happy Tuesday, looks like you have been busy!
    I love your project life page, beautiful and festive!

  6. Sam looks like a happy birthday guy!
    Your cloud photo is wonderful...
    I take so many pictures of the sky I wonder about myself sometimes...
    We see some fabulous sunsets from our front porch so I can't resist snapping some pix ;)
    Your postcards turned out great...they will make happy mail for lots of lucky recipients!
    Happy T Day to you and yours Dawn...

  7. It is hot cocoa time for sure! especially here today, brrrrr
    Glad you are doing Hannah's swap. I don't usually do that one as I have several others that I participate in but there are some really nice talents out there. I know you are excited!
    Those clouds look like fingers! wow
    happy T to you!!

  8. Those clouds are amazing!! Your boy looks a bit like mine. Great PL pages.
    Happy Tuesday!

  9. I love the post cards, they turned out great! I'm going to work on December for you. We'll start with being thankful for the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. More to follow.....

  10. I Love to watch the clouds too, that is when we have them. You coco mix looks yummy! It's cool here today and that sure would hit the spot!
    Happy T-day

  11. How weird, cos I am sure I visited you yesterday and commented on the birthday boy... but maybe I was having a blonde/senior moment as the postcards definitely weren't there before... and my fav is the bottom righthand one!
    Happy belated birthday to your little man too!

  12. I was having a senior moment because I knew I saw the beautiful cloud photo and wished Sam a happy one , but couldn't find my comment. Then I realized that I commentated on the previous post. S happy T day again!

  13. Sorry for the late visit dear friend. That mug looks very cute, that snowman can be used for Christmas theme sketching:) Your PL photos and stories are always inspiring. The postcards look great it is difficult to point out a favorite from it. I especially love the first, the last and the middle card in the middle row. Let me know which one was your favorite. That sky photo is awesome and I'm sure you are going to treasure this happy smiling picture of Sam. He looks very happy even I can't help smiling at him.
    The weather is awful here already I'm wishing for a better season:( Love winter and the holiday season but cannot bear this cold and wind-:)

  14. Happy Birthday to Sam! I'm glad he got his Xbox early :) Good for you getting a PL spread up this week. That's more than I can say! I am plugging along and am still working on pages from the summer! Talk about behind, yikes! But I am putting the finishing touches on many of the layouts and have most of them done.

  15. Wow those clouds are amazing - so much fun at Sam's birthday - how is it possible he is that old!!?? - you can keep the snow - I want the sun back - haha - but those are great pics!

  16. Happy belated birthday to Sam!!! WOOHOO! And OH MY GOODNESS! Your photos are so awesome and amazing. Those clouds really blew me away. And so did the snow! WOW!

  17. Great post! You have been very busy. Happy belated birthday to the young man!
    A real tree! I can almost smell it.
    Very late happy T-Day. :)

  18. Love the clouds. I'll share some of mine with you. Glad he got his game. And hot cocoa yah!!!! Postcards are pretty. Do I get one too. I love surprise happy mail. Hopefully next year I'll have place you can rake up leaves at :-)