Monday, June 27, 2011

Exploring in the Kitchen

The kitchen usually is the heart of the home. Where we gather with our families and loved ones to share a meal together. Sometimes though to get here is a challenge, you know what I'm talking about. The rush to get dinner fixed, to make sure everyone likes it, to remember which kid is eating only white things right now, to clean up the spilled milk. Ok you get the picture now? Not very pretty is it. Stay with me folks there's a reason why I'm writing this right now, truth be told it's my 3rd attempt. It all started this past Sunday when reading a recent found blog Learn As I Go, by a sweet and thoughtful lady named Deborah. Her post that morning was on exploring your kitchen and finding something new or a story to tell. This made me think all day about our kitchen then about the kitchen's from my past. It has changed so much over the years and I have to say only the past 2 years have I really gave much thought to what my family was eating and how it effects us. I just bought a bunch of box/cans/frozen/fast food meals and cooked them fast because the kids were hungry and wanted their food NOW. There wasn't always that good family quality time at the table. Well this past year I've decided to change that and to make our meals more enjoyable and family time. During the school/soccer/homework year is to hard to change. My idea now is to start making it happen now while we are home and have no plans and no time to go by. I have to admit having the kids in the kitchen bother's me and I tell them to go play and let me get dinner done, fast. So it's not just their faults they can't cook yet, turn on the oven, read a recipe and where things are. I am going to step back though this summer and let these curious and smart and wanna-be cooks into MY kitchen and teach them some basics and go from there. I want this to be a happy adventure and maybe by the end of the summer grocery shopping and menu planning won't be such a dreaded chore for me.
I've changed my eating habits drastically over the last year and hope my kids will start eating healthier and learning how to take care of their bodies and health now while they are young and it's easier unlike me who waited till I was 40. My other plan is to keep them around the dinner table longer and sharing stories and laughter and questions whatever it takes to make these meals last longer and to appreciate them more. Some days my kids inhale their dinners and leave me sitting there within 10mts of sitting down. I have some plans on this and will post them later when I try them on the kids. So wish me luck in this new kitchen adventure and please share some of what your kitchen story is in the comments, it would make me happy to read them. If you have any ideas or tips for me too please share those as well. Thanks Deborah for sharing this on your blog and inspiring me to look harder at what I want for my family and our kitchen. You can read Deborah's blog at
I'm going to try and have a new post every day this week, wanting to do more writing and story's. Also gearing up for Ali Edward's Week in the Life which is less then a month away and I'm so excited to join in again this year. Thanks for all those that stayed with me and read this,hope you enjoyed it and the pictures that follow it.


  1. Dawn, this is so cool! I love what you wrote here because I lived that, too, when my son and daughter were young. I wonder if every parent does?

    Kudos to you for taking care of your body, for eating healthy. I think no matter what you do, your example of just taking care of yourself will really have an impact on your family.

    I'm going to enjoy reading how you keep everyone at the table! One time I made my kids play a "please and thank-you" game...which made us laugh the entire time. But it worked. The kids were more courteous at meals...for a while anyway.

    Home is the place where we can just be ourselves. And meal times can be so hurried (as you said here) or can be relaxed and enjoyable for all.

    You humble me by your kind remarks. Thanks!

  2. Remember when I said you were the kind of mom I want to be like? Well girl, you proved it once again. Since our kids are still young, the table dinners aren't the problem. So I have been extra good about keeping the table clean so it's easy to eat there. My hubster has been good at this too because he knows how important it is to me (and us) that we don't eat in front of the tv. Sometimes i will say okay to a meal in the family room but mostly at the table.
    I think I like the idea of making mealtime more fun. Sometimes my oldest will ust run off at the mouth because that's just how he is and them Marshall can't talk and yells over him and then neither of them eat. Sometimes...mostly our time is quietly talking and shootin' the breeze. A good 15 minutes is about all I get but it's good for me.
    Thanks for sharing...I think I'll do a kitchen post...may take me a while.

  3. Deborah so glad you liked my story. I was trying to make it short and sweet like yours but as always there's too much I want to say. I like the please/thank you game and will try that too. I'm hoping that my ideas and change will really work this summer and the kids will be happier about it too. The toughest part is having 3 kids against me since my hubby doesn't get home till later. I will keep you posted and thanks again.

    Andrea, so nice that you came today and could read this. Believe me when I say you inspire me to do better too. I've been so happy and feeling good about myself and taking care of me and not just the kids.The kids have noticed the change and that's good too. I'm glad your mealtimes are mostly pleasant right now and you talk and share. My kids play around and seriously inhale their food. So I want them to slow down and appreciate the time and food we have. We don't eat with the tv on either and my other ideas is to eat outside more this summer. I hate eating outside because of bugs and dirt and just because I'm weird that way. Glad you liked this and maybe you will do a kitchen post too, would love to see it. (hugs)