Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This is left side and shows what happened before my trip. I cut off the top of this one too, I took pictures with my album standing up this time, obviously it wasn't a good idea.
This is the front side of my baseball PP, ooops just realized the top half is cut off, will repost it later. The bottom row is some souviners from the trip. The left side is the back of a 3 photo PP that holds more favorites to remember.
The back side of my baseball PP, I wanted to remember seeing all these sights, places from my trip this time. These all mean something to me and so happy they fit in here.
The right side, includes bigger journal card to tell about my trip and some of my favorite pictures from Miami.


  1. You are the bomb Dawn! You pages are so fun and random...I love them. You are so good about adding trinkets and making it like a real scrapbook. YOu journal like crazy and that is so cool to have the stories. I find myself using less words because I've waited too long. =( gonna try to catch up this weekend!
    I think the pic of you and your mom is so sweet! Glad you included yourself...=) I can kinda see your hair...it's making me smile. You know, you're kinda hot stuff mama! =)

  2. Thank you Andrea, love love PL and all the memories I can document.