Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kristin was so happy to have us here. I missed seeing this smile of hers. Can't help but be happy and smile back. I'm thankful to be here for her big moment in life. How did it go by so fast?
Here is a lovely picture of my mom. I got a few of these while in Miami.
My daughter is already tall but she bought these shoes to wear at graduation tomorrow. This photo was my moms idea, NOT MINE. I feel so short next to Kristin in HEELS. She did look good though.
These are my in-laws. So lucky to know them and they love my daughter too.
Here is my in-laws and friends making us dinner our first night there. Love these people.
Miami at night, having drinks after dinner at in-laws. This is our fave spot to relax
We had breakfast before the graduation. She opened up our gifts at this time. So exciting.
Kristin found this kitty outside her apt. about 2 months ago. Her name is Hollywood and she's a sweetie. Kristin spoils her I'm sure.
It's almost time, we got ok seats. The hotel here was gorgeous and huge.
Happy Graduation sweetie, you did awesome. Now on to the next adventure, more school to learn about ultrasound technician. So 2 more years in Miami, we will miss her but happy for her.

After the graduation we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. This is the dress my mom bought her to wear under her gown, it was gorgeous on her and so colorful just like she is.


  1. beautiful photo's Dawn.. I just love the one with the two of you.. that will be me one day . I am sure my daughter will be heads taller than me.. Your daughter looks so happy.

  2. Thank you Angie for stopping by and your sweet comments. She passed me before she was 12 and kept growing. I think she buys these shoes to show off to me and how short I am. She was very happy and always smiles for me.

  3. Congrats to your beautiful daughter. You must be so proud of her!