Monday, June 27, 2011

This photo is from today and means so much to me. It's a first step into getting this son of mine to try and eat better and to love food. He is my snacker and not much into meals. I haven't bought pop-tarts for 2 weeks now and he's getting cranky about it but I'm staying strong. Here is being my junior chef tonight and making corn dog muffins. This boy wants corn dogs everyday but I'm determined to wean him from them so we found this recipe and I let him cook it all. Well, they were good and he loved them and was so happy and proud. Hope to have more meals like this one. GO SAM!!
This is where it can start for us this summer, the kids helping in my husband's garden. This is his joy and passion. He can sit for hours just staring at the beauty growing around him. We planted new things this year and I'm excited to try them and hope the kids will be too.
This is the knife set that my parents had when they got married. I told my mom that's one of her things I'd want when she passes. Bless her heart she repainted it to match my kitchen and gave it to me just a few days later and said to start enjoying it now instead of when she's not here. Thanks mom, makes me that much more happier when I pass it everyday.
Here are some of the ingredients that I used to make my favorite Rachael Ray bbq meatloaf muffins and her smashed potatoes. That girl can cook and I love her and hope to cook like her one day and to meet her. I am happy when cooking foods like this for me.
This is the chili my sweet hubby made us this weekend. Sorry the photo isn't the mouth watering kind in magazines and blogs, was very busy after we ate. My husband does most of the cooking on weekends and never complains if there isn't dinner for him, he will gladly eat a PB&J. Thanks sweetie.We are looking forward to just cooking for us two one day, lol


  1. Great photos and wonderful words to go with them! Forgive me, but I have to confess that I'm envious of your garden. We just don't have the right space for one here, but I hope one day that we can have one.

    What a wonderful gift from your Mom, and the wisdom behind that simple act.

    I'm so glad we have made this connection, Dawn!

  2. Deborah, thanks for these kind words and I'm so glad we made a connection too. It's funny we got this house because of the yard space. The houses I liked didn't have a space for a garden and my hubby wouldn't settle till we had one with a space for it. I'm not into the garden thing like he is but going to really be more thankful this year and share his love for it more. Have you considered just a little garden spot, even in a pot on your porch/deck would be ok. It doesn't have to be as big as ours. We started off very small and worked up to this one.
    I'm so glad my mom gave me these knives too, she always does sweet gestures like this one. Thanks so much again for inspiring me.