Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Project Life June 12-18 Miami time

I can't believe June is passing by so quickly. I really wanted summer to last longer this time after our long cold winter. This weeks pages are mostly about my trip to Miami to see my oldest graduate from college. I wanted to use all my photos and did pretty well with the extra PP included. That's what this album is about, it can be filled with extras or just your daily photos. It doesn't show but I'm including a 81/2x11 PP to hold my ticket stubs and our bowling score sheet they printed off for us, love that these will be included too. Did you see Becky Higgins blog yesterday, she's getting ready to announce the design of the 2012 PL kit. This is like Christmas to me, seriously there is nothing I'd rather get then a PL under the tree or any time of the year. I can't imagine not doing this album every year, so Becky please please be in this for the loooong haul.
Hope everyone enjoyed their father's day and enjoying summer if that's the season your at. We are doing lots of swimming and lounging and just started vacation bible school for the week, the girls love it. We are still adjusting to being home together ALL DAY and learning that I'm only one person and can't do and please all 3 of them at one time. The post after this really shows better pictures of my trip if you'd like to see them. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Thanks for your encouragement on the food thing, I can't believe I am not even half way through the week yet LOL.
    Love all the photo's in your PJ album. My favourite thing too is adding "stuff" from our lives. And love that I can just put it in a page protector and add it to the album.
    I am off now to read Becky's blog, I so don't want to miss out on next years PJ. I am with you, nothing would be better under the christmas tree.
    love me :-)

  2. Thanks Tracey for stopping by and your comment. I am so excited about next years PL and can't wait to see the designs.

  3. Dawn,
    Just stopping by to let you know I did look at the website you mentioned. Pretty cool! Thanks for telling me about it.