Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I wore in Miami - Part one

In case you missed my post awhile ago, I've recently lost weight and needed new clothes for the summer. Right around that time my newest blog friend Andrea who is so cool, styling, and classy lady started posting what outfits she wore to work each week and linked them to others doing the same. This girl has a bottomless supply of clothes that she changes around so many times you don't know she's wearing some of the things twice or more. She has great taste and looks good in everything. Anyhow I've been wanting to join the fun too but didn't want to in the old and baggy clothes I had. So after my small shopping spree at Walmart and Kohl's I have a few outfits that are kinda cute and casual. Nowhere as cool as hers but I'm very happy with the change and the style. She has really helped me take notice of how I think about myself and want to start looking better which makes me feel so happy and confident in a new way. Even my kids and hubby are loving it and encouraging for me. So here are the few outfits I wore in Miami recently to see my daughter. Just having clothes that aren't baggy and fit well makes all the difference in the world. So here's to you Andrea dear, thanks for the boost I needed. This is part one and part two will come tomorrow or the next day.

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