Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

I didn't take as many photos this week seems the kids keep me so busy now that I forget. They were at Vacation Bible School all week during the morning hours then we swam, babysat, read and hung out. We are still trying to find our summer rhythm which takes us a couple weeks. This year though school lasted longer due to snow days, then I went to Miami then VBS all last week so this is our first official week off together. I'm trying new things this summer knowing that my girls are in the teenage years and fast approaching the time where all they want to do is sleep and hang out with friends. That leaves me a few years left with Sam at least. Hoping to try new things this summer and really make it memorable for all of us. One of the changes is in my post below on exploring the kitchen, that will be my biggest change. I'm working on a summer list and hope to post it this week.
Some exciting news too is that the coolest and best story teller Ali Edwards is doing her Week in the Life project again and will be this summer. She has the dates planned from July 25 to July 31 and I plan on joining her for my second time. This is such an amazing project and well worth the work and the writing and the picture taking involved. It is our family's favorite most read album. I would love it if any of you would like to join me, you can read more about it on her blog (her link is on the right of my blog) and can ask me about it and I will try to help. Since this big project is less then a month away I'm going to try and keep my POTD limited since my kids will have to endure the camera 24/7 soon. I figured I would give them a break for a couple weeks then when it's time bring it out and start snapping away. This truly is such a fun and a real look at our day in and day out life, I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do have future posts planned that our not related to PL so stay tune for more story's and happy lists and such. Have a great last week of June and safe and Happy July 4th everyone.


  1. Hi Dawn, I find the summer it is hard to keep up , ha my daughter wears unmatched socks too.. It must be the in thing!! Yeah I am also doing the Ali Edwards week project it should be fun! Btw the art photo is a fun summer reject christy tomlinson is doing on her blog! She has a video .. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Hi Angie, thanks for visiting. I'm so glad your doing WITL also. It will be fun to see each other's albums. I did see more of the class your taking and might join in on some of them too. Have a good week.

  3. Hi Dawn,
    Yes I am doing lots of thinking, planning, re-planning, more thinking and then thinking some more about WITL. Time is very precious around here so I need to do something that is easy, fun but records the right stuff. I am fairly sure that I am going to use the Smash book that I ordered, going to do it diary/journal style. I have always wanted to keep a diary so I might start here.
    So jealous about smores (is that the right name) I have always wanted to try one LOL.
    Enjoy your summer, lots of wind and rain here right now.
    Love me :-)