Friday, June 24, 2011

Happiness is....

seeing Summer draw/sketch/art almost daily now
seeing Renee give a stuff bear she caught at VBS to a little kid instead of keeping it
seeing the girls being good leaders at VBS
seeing the girls sing at VBS but really love seeing Sam sing and the joy it brings him there
seeing Sam catch two of my amazing hits at baseball, he caught them mid air then fell down
seeing the kids reading constantly for summer reading program
seeing the new teal/purple bands on Renee's braces, so cute still
seeing the kids swimming in our still COLD pool
seeing the new CARS 2 this weekend, can't wait love love this show
seeing my hubby outside mowing and working in garden with his gorgeous summer tan
seeing a book at the library that I saw in Miami and wanted, I can't put it down
seeing some stunning sunsets and clouds in the sky this week
seeing the kids enjoy the first bonfire/smores of the summer
seeing all kinds of inspirational blogs this week
seeing my little cousins and loving them

I love writing these posts and remembering to look for the little things to be happy about. Now with the kids home every day there is some not so happy moments going on too, so this post is a reminder to look for these little moments in life and capture them. Let's hope it's a good day in our house and the kids will be nice to each other.
So what's making you happy today? Share in the comments if you'd like. Happy weekend.


  1. I love it when you writye things like this, and it makes me have a look around at what I enjoy and love the most too... thank you!

  2. Hey Dawn, love the happy list. And I just love what you wrote about looking for the happy in the everyday, such a nice reminder. I think I might try and do a happy list today, you have inspired me.
    I am so excited to find out that you are doing the week in the life, you have helped me make my mind up. I have ordered a Smash Book and think that I am going to do it as more of a diary/journal than an album. I have too much going on to do anything as involved an album. I want to focus more on writing, writing down feelings, thoughts etc. Anyway I am on board no and can't wait to share our stories. How fun this is going to be.
    love me :-)

  3. Dawn, I love your happiness list here. So many wonderful things to be thankful for, and I'm glad you shared them. It makes me more aware of what I am happy about and thankful for.

    On another note, in Google Reader I can see your blog post about Exploring your kitchen... and it is wonderful!! But when I click on the link to come to your blog and comment, the link goes to a page that says your blog doesn't exist..which I know is not true! Just wanted to give you a heads up. Blogger can be great when it works, but a head ache when it doesn't.

  4. I'm so excited Tracey that you will do WITL with me, it will be fun. Make sure to read Ali's posts to give you an idea of what it's all about. I've been wanting to focus more on my writing and memories and feelings also. There is so much on my list to do just wish there was more time in the day, lol. Thanks for stopping by. By the way I got my girls some journals at Walmart to use as their Summer Smash books and they love them.

    Deborah, so glad you like my happy list. You have really helped me want to write more and find more deeper stories in everyday life. I'm finding that with the kids older and more mood swings in these teen years that every little happy, funny, loving thought has to be captured. I know about the my exploring the kitchen post, I messed up and tried to delete it, working on a new one tonight. Trying to express myself as well as you did, lol. Keep checking back for it and more posts this week. Thanks for letting me know and for stopping by.

  5. So many things to say Dawn. Tears first of all. I didn't enjoy the happy today, I was a little irritated but your post tonight softened me and when Marshall came out of his room to ask for something, I helped him with a smile and when i went in to say g'nite to gibson i let him read me a few of his corny jokes. and i laughed. i forget to do these things sometimes. i am a Type A and very task oriented. i get very focused on THINGS TO DO and forget to slow down and enjoy the people. I am glad Marshall and I walked tonight, it felt good to do some one on one with him. he asks a lot of questions and i was patient with him. Thanks for being a light and snapping me back into reality. =)
    Okay, so moving on...WITL! I did this last year for the first time, but not during the same week Ali did hers. I found out about it too late. I'm excited to do it again but this time I will wait until the fall. If I do it during the week you all will, I'll end up with all football related days like last year! haha. So excited to see yours...I had a blast!


  6. Andrea you have me in tears now too. I think your a great mom who does so much for your family. I love your outdoor story's and visiting your mom/grandma story's. I need to be more Type A so my projects would get done and some even started. I am trying so hard to really enjoy my kids and this summer weather. The kids are getting so big and I don't want to miss it. It is a constant struggle because I could easily sit and sketch/scrap all day. My girls don't want to do family things anymore but I'm trying to show them family is still important. So glad you found a little happiness today with your boys and that I cheered you up.
    Okay, moving on to WITL, so glad your doing it and that it will be in the fall. That is my favorite season and had hoped Ali would do it then but will join her this summer. Maybe I will do another one in the fall with you. I love this idea and how much story you get out of this week. It makes me wish my mom could have done this for me when I was a kid. Thanks for stopping by and making me smile. Hugs to you and smiles for a better day today.