Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This is new and I love it. Wanted a brown pair of shoes to match but all I have is black. I actually like what my M-I-L is wearing and want that top now. These shorts are my favorite everyday comfort ones to wear now.
I really like this shirt, it's my fave color and I like the print. Wore it with pair of jean shorts and blue tennis. I also wear this shirt with my jean capri's and will with my jean skirt too.

This is the dress I wore for the graduation. I like and don't like it. Wore it with bracelet from my sister and new shoes which gave me the worst blisters in about 10mts. I still have band-aids on. I liked having my hair pinned back for a change and want to try this more.

I love this top of my sister's and she let me borrow it for the trip. I wore jean capri 's and flip flops with it. The pattern and layers on this was so pretty, tried to take close up but didn't come out as pretty. Still getting use to taking my own self-portraits.

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  1. LOVE your hair and all your outfits! Sooo happy you had such a fabulous time celebrating your daughter and that your mom got to go with you. Fun, special times!