Sunday, September 22, 2013


HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FALL!!! It's finally here and official now, YAY!! Get ready to see lots of fall pictures/posts on my blog for the next 3 months!! It's not quite fall by the looks around here but the air is cool today and we made chili and a surprise with dinner. Today was such a great Sunday, my favorite kind, good church service, funny kids, cool weather and YUMMY food! See how simple I am, doesn't take much to make me happy, truly blessed. So how about some pictures...
First let's talk about the one above, this was earlier in the week, the leaves fall fast here due to windy days and not much to block the trees from it. Sadly we don't have colorful fall leaves, just the brown/yellowish kind but I LOVE them anyway. This day my sweet Lucky and I were walking around and crunching on the leaves, still love doing this. Had Sienna do it too but no camera then. I do have colorful leaves down the road a bit and enjoy driving down my street and seeing them. All around town there is little peeks of fall in the leaves, so fun watching them change over time.
This was earlier that same day, so glad I took the camera with me. This is my favorite part of the yard and my spot that I take a pause and thank God for this new day and all the blessings it will give me. Some days I get this BEAUTIFUL view and others not so sunny but it's still amazing to me.
I just have to mention here that Sam has said the "S" word today, haha not the one your thinking of. Now sssshhh we can't really say it, we only talk about FALL right now. So this crazy boy of mine asked me today when do you think it will "S" ???? uummm what??? What day do you think it will "S" on mom, seriously MOM!!! uummmm really?? Where does this boy get this from, none of us here want that "S" to come and not anytime soon for sure. So this little boy has drawn a few "S" blueprints today that include 4 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and a door that opens. Yep, he talked about it right up to bedtime. He asked how long fall will last and when will it get really cold!!!! Oh man, he is so crazy, watch out friends I'm sure there will be lots more talk about the "S" word too,  ssshhh don't really say it aloud. I will share more on this story later for my newer readers. Now that same crazy sweet boy of mine did something amazing today, he made dinner, half our dinner!! Are you ready for this Elizabeth and Nancy??!!! I couldn't wait to share so I'm sharing it today!!
He chopped up onions and cried, haha so Rich did the garlic
added the mayo and parmesan cheese, mixed it up
spread the mixture on the pizza crust
look how yummy!! Garlic cheesy pizza strips !
Guess what?? Sam and girls didn't like it. Rich and I loved it and ate 4 pieces of it along with our chili that Rich made to celebrate this first day of FALL!! My sweet hubby made cookies again too.
Sam had a great time cooking and even served all of us our pizza, was so sweet about it. I did good, stayed out of the way except for taking the pictures, Rich was his assistant. Next up will be one of the girls to cook and I will share that too. Let's hope all this cooking interest will get the boy to eat more and put some meat on those little bones of his! Thanks Nancy and Elizabeth for your support !!
Something else amazing happened this week, my daughter Kristin is going on a BIG mission trip. I don't usually talk about politics or religion here, but just have to share this big news! Next July she will be leaving with a group and going to 11 countries in 11 months. I can't even express how happy and proud I am of her. She is a girl with a big heart and big GO GETTER and wants to change this world. We didn't grow up with church or anything of that sort, this makes it even bigger to me. What a life time experience this will be for her and I know she will do great and grow even more beautiful then she is now. LOVE YOU KRISTIN!!! WORDS CAN"T EXPRESS IT ENOUGH!!! If you'd like to learn more the group is with...  all the info and she will have a blog there soon that we can follow her on now and when she leaves. Keep her in your prayers please, thanks so much.
this was tonight, just hanging out, she is excited to be home for FALL too. It's been years since she's been here for the magic of it and the taste of it and to enjoy it with me. BLESSINGS!!
big sister + little brother= LOVE  and LAUGHS
Happy Fall everyone and hope you enjoyed reading this today. Thank you for all the sweet comments on my yellow kitchen. Wish you could feel the light and warmth thru the screen. I have a busy week so I'm not linking up anywhere but will be around when I can. Have a great week, HUGS!!!


  1. Oh my goodness Dawn, that second photo is soooo beautiful! It reminds me of a Maxfield Parrish painting!!! You are so good at documenting your days - it's always fun to see. It looks like your week in the life has been awesome! Congratulations to Kristin for taking on such a big adventure! Have a great week!

  2. I can't begin to imagine putting mayo on pizza. Of course, I don't like mayo in any form, anyway, so putting it on pizza would be uggg!! I can see why the kids didn't like it, but I'm glad you and Rich did.

    Sam looked happy that he was able to create his first meal, though. I'm glad you stayed out of the way (except for the fun photos, of course). And I'm sure there wasn't as big a mess as you might have envisioned, and the house didn't catch fire, so all went so much better than I'm sure you first imagined!!

    I enjoy fall, too. Like spring, fall brings cool temps and lovely sunrises and sunsets. Not too hot, not too cold. Just like baby bear, (as a rule) it's just right.

    Nice that your daughter gets to visit all those countries. And 11 in 11 months sounds like it won't be a whirlwind tour, either. I'll check out the site you gave, too. Wish her luck for me. I'm sure she'll learn a lot as she travels the world.

    Sorry I'll miss you for Tea. But glad you'll be around, at least.

  3. Awesome looking pictures there Dawn.
    I am sure Sam had fun making it though. All the best for your girl, you sure need to be proud of her new journey! Keep us posted.

  4. Thanks so much ladies for your visits and nice comments. I love sharing with you here! I will let Kristin know too!

  5. beautiful fall pics and congrats to your oldest daughter.. that is so so wondeful. and exciting for her!!!!!!

  6. Wonderful post on the start of a new season. Love to hear about Sam's cooking adventures. My son loves to help me too in the kitchen. I know the 'S' word, ok, shhh! I'm not saying it loud but even I am not wishing for it anytime now-:) Best Wishes to Kristin on her long mission trip. Wishing you a great week

  7. Your photos are so gorgeous!. The shot with your home in the middle is heavenly. Made me want to live in the country even more, and keep a garden and chickens!. Pure joy from Sam's face, really. Oh yes, that S word, he's like me then :). A big good luck to Kristin, she's going to have a great adventure! I checked out the website, WOW, so amazing all these young hearts set out to make the world a better place. Bless them!. Is she going to visit South East Asian countries in her mission?. HUGS.

  8. Love the house pic too, pizza looked good may get recipe from u. Lol course kids didn't , silly pickers on food:-)... Yes Kristin is hitting the world big time very proud of her too wish I had started early on traveling