Thursday, September 12, 2013


The day started early 5:30am so younger sister could curl big sister's hair. I love this and it reminds me of my childhood room. I had mirror closet doors and my sisters and I did our hair in my room every morning. I also had the stereo which means I had the coolest room, THANKS MOM! Wish so much to have a picture or journaling about what we talked about and looked liked those mornings.
good morning to me and my hot showers
HELLO ORANGE.... new nail polish...YES!!
Hello sunshine thru my windows...LOVE
hello pretty curled hair and pink dress!
Hello Sunrise!! I take one everyday Elizabeth!
YAY!! They smiled this time, cute!
Look who's here! Good morning Colt!
bye daddy!! Look at his cars lined up and ready for play
breakfast first...oatmeal and yogurt
I love that he lays on the floor when playing, he watches the tires
us crashing cars together, he LOVES this
he asked to color, first time ever, didn't even know what he was saying at first
he always sits on the slide and thinks??
on the way to get his sister from the bus
back home and playing bridge, they are so cute when they do this
can't forget Lucky, cutest dog ever
Sienna and I always play cards during naptime. Today a rare winning for me in Garbage. Never have I had all one color either, she loved that part but not that I won on my second turn, lucky cards today.
for my readers with cats, say hello to Romeo hiding in the block bag
the kids are HOME!!
love the late day sun
Hello sisters, Summer pouting since she has a cold and Kristin is giving her a healthy hug to make her better. These two can be pretty cute together.
hello HONEY your home! We finally got a shadow shot with Lucky. Have tried this before but never works out. YAY!!! Lucky just chased the ball tonight too, hasn't done that lately. GO LUCKY!!
The night ended there because Summer and I went to a church meeting. Got back and packed lunches and gave Summer medicine and early to bed for her. Sam went to bed and I uploaded my pictures for the day. I missed the sunset since I was in church, should have reminded Rich, next time.
Thoughts on today...
First and most important is the memory of 9/11 stayed with me thru this day, my heart was filled with love and thankfulness for the life I have and the blessings I count each day. My heart went to those that were lost and the families missing them and remembering that day. Never forgotten!
Today I took 144 photos, not surprised since the little ones were here
this project slows me down even more and makes me think and notice more
First thing I'm noticing, VERY tired of the same furniture and paint on walls
How much I love Lucky, never wanted a dog but can't imagine not having Lucy beside me
The little ones and my kids still need time to adjust to each other and the school schedule
I NEVER get tired of nature shots, makes me love it even more
I love this project and the meaning of it and makes me love PL even more too
that I am THANKFUL and so LUCKY to be a babysitter to S&C, love that I get to have little ones in the house again and do things different and see things now that I didn't see back then. I am thankful too that it brings me and Sonja (their mom) closer and the support she always has for me. My life would be soooo different today if not for Sonja asking me to be a babysitter. Thanks Sonja!
that I love being a mom, more then anything else in the world, good and bad it's MY LIFE!
I'm still going strong on the pictures and not tired of this, usually today is when it gets tough.
I miss showing pictures and stories here, seems all I do is share the PL pages not the full pictures
I hope you enjoyed reading about our day, thanks so much for the visit today and for the comments yesterday. I'm kinda thinking of doing today's post with all photos and no words, what do you think?
Oh and realized that I'm more into sleep this year. Most years when doing this project, I stay up late and read thru all or most all of the links at Ali's blog, this year just trying to read at least 5 to 7 a day.
Have a great day, HUGS!


  1. Sunrise every day? I'm not sure I could remember to do that! Great idea, though, and great way to start each day.

    Love the photo of you two and Lucky. He's a real cutie, too.

    I grew up alone with my Grandparents, so had no siblings to share with. I never had to curl my hair, although I tried to iron it straight once. Love how you reminisced about your home life as a youngster and how you were reminded of how similar your girls' lives are to your own upbringing.

    It's good to see that things are not breaking down on hump day this year. I look forward to seeing the rest of the week, as it begins to wind down. Have an AWESOME day!

    BTW, I often also take that many photos before I post. It seems I can never take just ONE that isn't blurry, out of focus, off color, or with a bad background. So I can totally relate!

  2. What a beautiful start to a beautiful day! I love the sister hugs, makes me miss my baby sister. She lives in Georgia and I'm in Tennessee. Nothing like a close sister.
    Have a wonderful day!!

  3. Great photos Dawn. I especially love the little ones' pictures. My sons too lie down on the floor and play with cars.Love the shadow picture and the two sisters hugging each other look so touching.

  4. Heart-warming to see sisters love, I never had a sister but only a brother :). Funny when you said Lucky snored, because my cat Arthur is the snore champion at home!. Furkids are all the same, anywhere :). You're doing so great taking care of a large family & babysitting at the same time :). I'm not used to be surrounded by kids all the time and easily got tired when that happened, LOL. I love them because I learn so much from kids!. The shadow photo with Lucky made my day :). Hugs.