Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hello Tuesday! I'm joining Elizabeth for tea and anything else we want to talk about or share. Today's picture above is from my lunch last Tuesday which was the first day of school  for the kids. I always treat myself to a Turkey Sub from Subway and my favorite chips. In my cup is the Lipton ice tea I drink everyday, made in my ice tea maker. I do drink only tea, the occasion O.J. and milk with cookies but it's ice tea that makes me happy at lunch and dinner. The cup is nothing special, we have 6 of these cups, 3 green and 3 yellow, the colors of my kitchen. It was the perfect quiet lunch for me.
I have a little bit of this and that to share with you today....
here is the mug/cup I made for a class yesterday. This weeks' prompt is cups of any kind and I thought it would be fun to make one celebrating our Labor Day holiday. We are making a cup everyday this week, love that I've already been making them for weeks and inspired to keep making them. These are my favorite color combo to work with. This week my red/white/blue decorations around the house will be packed away and the FALL decorations come out, YIPPEE!!!
What made me happy all weekend??? Our mini pumpkins are starting to grow, look how cute and tiny he is. There are two more growing along side this one. Rich surprised me last year with them, had no idea he had planted them. So this year I knew about them and am happy to see them again!! I am a BIG pumpkin fan, any size and all colors too, you will be seeing a lot of them on my blog.
I thought I'd share my Project Life pages from the kids first week of school and a mix of other things that happened. On the left side is my lunches, sunflowers ( a post coming up on these beauties soon) and random other things from that week. On the right side is all about SCHOOL, I'm using the new Project Life mini kits my friend Nancy gave me for my birthday a few weeks ago. Thanks again Nancy, they were so perfect for this week!! I had a hard time picking which pictures to use and in the end went with these. You can click on the image to see it better. Sorry about the collage at the top being cut off,  they were ordered off my phone and the size wasn't right. Will order a new one later. The kids all had a great first day and even a great first week. Hoping the same happens starting today for their second week back. I missed them and Lucky missed them A LOT but it was nice having the quiet house to myself again. Lots of time for projects and just savoring the quiet time to myself.
On my list today: laundry, sweeping, visit to my grandma's house and tonight I will be going to the library where a group of women get together to paint and share some laughs. So excited that I stumbled upon this group and have someone to share a love of paint with. They are quite the artists and are now making artist dates outside the library which I will attend when possible, YAY!
I want to thank Elizabeth for giving us this friendly, inspiring place to visit and share our Tuesday's with. Please stop by and say hello to her and see what other's are doing today. Feel free to join in anytime, the more the merrier. All you need is a cup and a story or project to share, hope to see you!!
Next up this week will be my HELLO SEPTEMBER post, a little late but still counts and sharing some Sunflower LOVE with a walk thru the garden. I love these walks and sharing them with you!
Have a great Tuesday ladies and THANK YOU so much for your visits and sweet comments!


  1. I love a Subway as a treat, haven't had one since arriving in Australia, though I have seen them in town. Your cup painting for Labor Day is perfect and how lovely to be able to share your passion with like minded folk.

  2. Hey girl, long time no see ;-)
    I am so happy you found a group of people to share and inspire each other with art, that is so wonderful!
    Good luck on the pumpkin front. I hope you get some good ones to set out for Halloween!
    Happy T to you,

  3. Your lunch looks good enough to eat (grin). When I saw that pumpkin flower, I thought it was a squash blossom. You are going to have quite the harvest this autumn, that's for sure.

    I always enjoy seeing your PL entries, and the first week of school was a fun one to read. One thing I didn't understand was when you said you ordered the photos on your phone. Not sure if you meant the photos in the book or the one showing the PL book itself. And does that mean your photos are sent to you from some company? Curious mind, as always.

    Thanks for sharing T today. It's always a pleasure to have you join in.

  4. i like subway but haven't been there in a while. it looks good.

    i like the way your project life pages turned out. i haven't worked with actual photos in so long i've forgotten how lol

    your painting group sounds like fun!

  5. Happy T-Day! Your photo of the mini pumpkin flower is a pretty sign of fall coming. Your art group sounds like a lot of fun, and your cup is perfect for Labor Day.

  6. Hello Dear Friend, I have been having so much fun chatting with everyone doing T stands for Tuesday. Love the PL spread. It still amazes me how different our lives are... your kids starting school and ours will finish in late December. Subway is one of my favourites too. Love, love, love that tea cup... way too cute and I am so happy that you have found a painting group, you will have so much fun.

  7. Love your star t cup!
    and the pumpkin blossom sure is healthy...
    what fun to grow your own!
    Happy T day to ya

  8. Subway is a healthy treat. Good for you. The more I see of the project life books, the more I think I could actually do that type of scrapbooking. Nothing too fancy or fluffy...just getting the things written down and pictures printed. hmmm...definitely going to need to think harder on this one.
    Happy Tuesday!

  9. Treating yourself on the first day of school definitely sounds like a fine tradition! It's also nice to have some quiet time to do what you enjoy, too--the scrapbook pages look beautiful!

  10. Hi Dawn, this is a very happy T post, I have never heard of an ice tea machine - you need a machine to make it? I will have to look into that, not that I will get one!
    I'mg glad the kids are loving school, I just read about dogs suffering seperation anxiety when the kids go back to school! Love your mug, and how great you found your artist group!

    Cazzy x

  11. What a fun and lovely post Dawn, the pumpkin looks great, I wonder if I could plan those here in Las Vegas? LOL!

  12. Glad you had a good Labor Day & that your kids' school year is off to a good start. The pumpkins are off to a good start, too--I am eager to see how they grow.

  13. Wow! Dawn that Subway is making me hungry. Hooray for the pumpkins.This cup is one of my favorites for its colors and patterns.Glad to see another PL spread.Wish in our library we'd some art group. I would have loved to join. I'm sure you must be enjoying it. Have a great day dear friend.

  14. Happy Belated T-Tuesday! lol!
    That painting group at the library sounds great! :)

  15. Thanks so much ladies for your wonderful comments. Makes my day!!

  16. Gosh, Dawn! I am away for 1 week and miss so much! Your blog is just bursting with creativity! I love your "T" post, your adorable red-white-blue mug, and your wonderful PL pages! They are beautiful and so full of "Dawn" details! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything here!!!!!

  17. Gosh, Dawn! I am away for 1 week and miss so much! Your blog is just bursting with creativity! I love your "T" post, your adorable red-white-blue mug, and your wonderful PL pages! They are beautiful and so full of "Dawn" details! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything here!!!!!